Movie Review: Housefull 3

After a long time, I am back with a movie review. Remember, I am neither a critic nor someone who has great knowledge about direction and all, but I am one of you guys who go out and watch movies for fun. Check out what I have to say about this latest movie!

housefull 3

Day before yesterday another multi-starer film got released and it was the third version of the comedy movie Housefull. The movie is named Housefull 3 and has a huge star cast which includes: Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan, Riteish Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Lisa Haydon, Nargis Fakhri, Boman Irani and Jackie Shroff. I wanted to see the movie and was hoping that it would be a fun comedy movie that I can enjoy with my family. Though the reviews of the movie were not so good and some critics just gave it a 1.5 star out of 5, I still went for the movie. But I knew one thing that if I’ll go with high expectations I will come back disheartened and thankfully going without high expectations worked for me.

The story revolves around a super rich father with 3 daughters who does not want their daughters to get married but the girls end up being in love with 3 boys who were initially behind their money. Then there were some twists and turns which were a bit predictable and lots of punches which were not new. Though the punches were not new they still had the capability to make the audience laugh. I personally found the movie a lot better than my expectations. For me the movie got a bit slow and kind of boring in the middle section but it became fun towards the climax. Akshay Kumar was the one who actually pulled out the entire movie with his dual personality disorder. Yes he was supported by the full cast excellently, but watching Akshay Kumar do comedy was something else. All the three girls looked beautiful in the movie but I guess that’s all. They didn’t have too many dialog’s, however the film was full of silly punches.


Overall I would say that Housefull 3 is not an excellent movie nor it’s a must watch, but in case if you find power cuts or would like to chill out in hot noon then free people you can book this film and make yourself comfortable to enjoy without your  brain!


25 thoughts on “Movie Review: Housefull 3”

  1. Hi Swati. I was planning to go for movie today. I love Akshay Kumar and Rietish Deshmukh and no matter how bad the reviews are I will still go and watch it.I will just go for it to laugh my heart out.Thanks for the review dear.😊

    1. That’s what exactly my thoughts were….I knew that the reviews were not so good but still I went and I do not regret 🙂

    1. completely agree….Its a movie that helps to laugh with your family and that is exactly what one should want to relax 🙂

  2. i had this movie on my mind as i’m planning to go out with my family but i guess the trailer was kinda of okay but i would watch it for akshay i guess overall it’s a average one nice review 🙂

    1. 🙂 🙂 Even I want to watch that movie but am a little too scared to actually go out and watch 🙂 Will wait for the review dear

  3. Ha ha…I totally agree with you…watched it for 45 mins and then gave up. I guess I didnt miss anything in the world 😉 Nice Review.


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