makeup revolution amazing lipstick beloved

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Beloved: Review and Swatches

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

I am back after a long break. I went to Goa for a small vacation because of which I wasn’t able to write on the blog. Goa was a lot of fun especially because we lived near a beach which is not obviously present in Delhi :-). I will soon be sharing the photos and my travel experience of Goa with some of the pics showing what I wore in Goa, but for now, I have a review post for ‘Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Beloved’.

makeup revolution amazing lipstick beloved

Price:  Rs 295 (BUY HERE)


Makeup revolution lipsticks come in a black cylindrical tube packaging with a color-coded lid (as can be seen in the pictures). The color-coded lid makes it easier to recognize the actual color of the lipstick without opening the lid. This especially saves a lot of time while getting ready, which is always a plus point. Personally, I love these kinds of packaging as they not only makes finding the right color easier, but they also make the vanity look colorful.

makeup revolution amazing lipstick beloved


No information about the ingredients is mentioned on the tube or even on any website.

Product Description:

Don a striking and stunning look with this ‘Beloved Amazing’ lipstick from the house of Makeup Revolution London. This lipstick ensures a long-lasting luster and color. This lipstick will lend you soft, smooth and supple lips.

makeup revolution amazing lipstick beloved

My take on Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Beloved:

Beloved is a beautiful natural looking pink colored lipstick which is perfect for everyday use. It is actually a corally pink colored lipstick which has a matte formulation. Being matte the lipstick is a bit difficult to apply as it does not glide very smoothly on the lips and it also might feel a bit drying. It is important to apply a lip balm before applying this color as otherwise, you will really need a long time to apply this color.

makeup revolution amazing lipstick belovedThe color is not very pigmented and it easily required 3-4 coats to make it visible on the lips. For ladies with pigmented lips, it becomes even more difficult. After the first 2 coats, the color does look streaky and blending it properly and evenly on the lips is again a big task. As it is matte it does stay a bit longer as compared to other creamy lipsticks from the brand, but this can only happen when you are able to get a proper color on the lips initially which again is a task. The color does fade after a meal but it does not bleed or transfer. makeup revolution amazing lipstick beloved

Being a very light color, the Beloved does not stain the lips, which makes the lips completely naked once the color is gone from the lips.

Overall, I did like the color and the way it looks on me, but I really didn’t like the amount of hark work required to apply the color and the dry formulation.


makeup revolution amazing lipstick beloved

makeup revolution amazing lipstick beloved

Pros of Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Beloved:
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful everyday color
  • Does not transfer or bleed
  • Decent staying power
Cons of Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Beloved:
  • Dry formulation
  • Effort has to be made while applying the color
  • Not very pigmented
  • Appears streaky after 1-2 coats and requires lot of effort in blending
  • No information about ingredients
Would I buy this product again?

No! though I liked the color, I cant stand the dry formulation

Do I recommend this?

Not this one.

Rating: 2/5

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