Magic Dust Charcoal Face Pack

Magic Dust Charcoal Face Pack, Review

Activated charcoal is supposed to be beneficial due to its toxin-absorbing properties. Because of this it has been a part of many cosmetic products especially face masks or face packs. Activated charcoal is also widely used in some medicines and even in some toothpaste. Today I will be reviewing a face pack which uses Bamboo Charcoal along with many other natural products as its ingredients. Today’s review would be about ‘Magic Dust Charcoal Face Pack’.


INR 750 for 90 gm of the product (BUY HERE)

The product can also be bought from Magic Dust’s official website!

Magic Dust Charcoal Face Pack
Product Description:
  • TOXIN FREE:100% Organic and Natural, Mineral Oil Free, Sulphate Free and contain no artificial fragrances.
  • DIRECTIONS OF USE: Clean your face with Magic Dust Active Charcoal Face Pack with Cold & Clean Water
  • INGREDIENTS: Charcoal helps in regenerating skin, cleanse the pores and reduces dark spots, chamomile oil clears oil from the skin and reduces pigmentation.
  • RESULTS: Activated Charcoal helps in skin whitening and fights acne, Aloe Vera gives a cooling effect to the skin, the granules reduce blackheads and gives a glowing skin and Removes dullness & dead cells, Makes the skin look brighter, smoother & healthier
  • SUITABLE- All Skin Types our face pack can be used by individuals of 13 years of age and above it is also suitable for pregnant women

Mentioned on the packaging


This charcoal face pack comes in a round glass tub with a regular screw on lid. The lid closes decently tight but due to the glass tub, I won’t say that it is travel friendly. Its is a natural product with loads of beneficial organic ingredients which are all suppose to be good for the skin.

My Experience with Magic Dust Charcoal Face Pack:

I like trying new skin care products but I am usually scared of trying products like face masks or face packs as they usually tend to irritate my sensitive skin. After trying a couple of charcoal masks, I can say that some brands work fine for me while some are not good for my sensitive skin. This face pack from Magic Dust seemed to be slightly different from other face packs available in the market mainly due to its color. While most of the charcoal face masks are a darker shade of gray, this particular one is light grey colored with a very soft and smooth texture.

Magic Dust Charcoal Face Pack

Due to its soft texture it is very comfortable to apply. I usually apply my packs with a brush and I like to wet my brush in order to make the application smooth. But in this case I did not require to wet my brush as the product itself was super creamy. After 15 minutes of application when I went to remove the pack, I observed that most of the pack became almost invisible on my skin. I wasn’t also feeling any tightness on my skin even when the pack was completely dry.

Like usual I removed my pack by splashing water onto my face and working with my bare hands (I do not use wet wipes to remove my packs). My face was extremely soft just the way it feels when you use dove on your skin. I honestly did not expect this. I didn’t even have to apply a moisturizer after removing the pack as my skin was feeling super soft internally.

A small amount of product works well for the entire face and the 90 gm tub is good for a good couple of months (if you use 3 times a week).

Magic Dust Charcoal Face Pack
Overall Experience:

I haven’t used a charcoal mask from any other brand which makes me feel the way this Magic Dust Charcoal Face Pack made me feel. It made my skin super soft and baby like giving it a clean fresh look just after a single use. The fact that this does not contain any harmful ingredients makes me love this product even more. The product is easily available online and if you are looking for a charcoal face mask, you must absolutely give this one a try.

Pros of Magic Dust Charcoal Face Pack:
  • The product contains loads of natural ingredients which are all good for the skin
  • It has no artificial fragrance and is good for individuals of 13 years of age and above
  • The pack feels very light on the skin and does not make the face feel too dry even when the mask gets completely dried
  • Makes the skin super soft (Though I usually prefer applying a thick moisturizer after face packs as they tend to dry my skin, this particular one makes my skin feel internally moisturized)
  • Does not irritate my sensitive skin
  • Makes my skin looks super clean and fresh just after the very first application
  • Soft texture makes it easy to apply
Cons of Magic Dust Charcoal Face Pack:
  • The glass jar makes it not so travel friendly

This is the only con I can think of about this product

Rating: 4.5/5

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