LYN nail polish keen on this green

LYN Nail Lacquer Keen on this Green: Review and Swatches

Today I will be reviewing LYN Nail Lacquer Keen on this Green. After trying Orchid Be with U 4ever and Don’t brick my heart, I knew that the formula of these polishes is not consistent and the formula of this particular color can be different from the others, and that’s what exactly is the case with this color. The formulation of Keen on this green is entirely different from all the other two polishes that I reviewed earlier.

LYN Nail Lacquer in Keen on this Green

Product quantity: 12 ml

Price:  Rs 350 (BUY HERE)

LYN nail polish keen on this green

Product Description:

The Live Your Now team has worked closely with an expert formulator based in France to create a revolutionary high definition nail lacquer that promises to give you nothing less than pure color perfection.

These lacquers have been formulated with pigments that reveal their true brightness and vividness for ultimate wear.

LYN salon quality nail lacquers glide on like satin, dry fast and are available gorgeous shades!

LYN nail polish keen on this green


The polish comes in a rectangular shaped glass bottle which has a top wide enough to make the color visible even from the top. This allows the polishes to be stored even inside a drawer. The applicator attached to the cap of the polish is an average sized brush which is neither too wide nor too thin. The brush allows covering the nail in around 2-3 strokes.

My take on LYN Nail Lacquer Keen on this Green:

As the name suggests keen on this green is a beautiful shade of green, but it is not a usual shade of green, it is a neon yellow-green which instantly brightens up the hands. I fell in love with the color as soon as I saw it and thankfully it made my hands look prettier. But unfortunately, the color might not suit everyone as it might make hands looks a bit darker than they actually are.

LYN nail polish keen on this green

As I mentioned earlier, the consistency and the formulation of the color is not same as that of other polishes. Keen on this green is a bit thicker in formula and can be a little difficult to apply. Though it is thicker in consistency, still a minimum of 3 coats are required to get a fully opaque color on the nails. When the first coat is applied, the polish comes out to be streaky and is extremely unmanageable, but thankfully this improved in the second and third coat. As 3 coats are required, the drying time of the polish is greater than other colors from the same brand. The polish can easily take up to 5 minutes to dry and even after 5 minutes it does not dry completely.

LYN nail polish keen on this green

Thankfully, the staying power of the color is same as that of other polishes from the brand. The color stays easily up to 5 days without chipping or major fading. It does not even lose its shine. Another plus point this color has is that unlike Don’t brick my heart, this color does not make the nails yellow.

LYN nail polish keen on this greenPros of LYN Nail Lacquer Keen on this Green:
  • Beautiful summer appropriate color
  • Affordable
  • Love the rectangular shaped bottle
  • No chipping or fading, even after 5 days
  • Stays well for 4-5 days
  • Does not make the nails yellow
Cons of LYN Nail Lacquer Keen on this Green:
  • Extremely streaky in the first coat
  • A minimum of 3 coats are required to make the color completely opaque
  • Slightly thicker in consistency
  • The color might not look good on every skin tone
  • Long drying time
Some more Swatches:

LYN nail polish keen on this green


LYN Nail Lacquer Keen on this Green

Would I buy this product again?

Though I liked the color, I might not buy it again

Do I recommend this?

Yes! If you are a fan of neon colors, you will love this

Rating: 3/5

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18 thoughts on “LYN Nail Lacquer Keen on this Green: Review and Swatches”

  1. I didn’t know this brand, but I have to say that I want exactly the color you are wearing now (I will ask my manicurist a similar one this week 🙂 Such a pity that it takes a long time to dry!

  2. Swati, I love the green… it is one of my favorite colors. I have been getting my nails shellaced… unfortunately they have not had a green color yet… I went with orange this time and love it… your nails look great xox

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