Lime Crime Velvetines

Fake Lime Crime Velvetines from

Last year I ordered few makeup products from the very famous Chinese website I also did a haul post for the same named as Aliexpress Haul. Some of the products that I ordered, were completely useless and hence I don’t have them now. But one of the products that I was most excited about were Lime Crime Velvetines and I still have them. Today I will be reviewing and swatching all the 5 shades of Lime Crime Velvetines that I ordered.

Limecrime Velvitines

Before getting into the review, the most important thing that I want to declare is, that these liquid lipsticks are completely fake. The original Lime Crime Velvetines retails for $20 and the ones I have costs $1.99 each. No, I do encourage buying fake products as they have unknown ingredients which may harm your lips. I bought these as I really wanted to try products from Aliexpress. I wanted to order the original Lime Crime Velvetines, but due to the controversy that occurred between the company and the customers for years back, I refrained myself.


These Velvetines from Aliexpress comes packaged exactly like the original product, they have a beautiful red coloured outer box and a transparent tuber with floral red lid. The packaging was the main reason because of which I really wanted to order this product. The applicator provided with these liquid lipsticks is a doe foot one and is easy to use.

Limecrime VelvitinesComing back to the review, the 5 colours I have from Aliexpress are:

  • Riot
  • Bleached
  • Pumpkin
  • Suedeberry
  • Utopia
Overall feeling:

These Velvetines from Aliexpress are cheap, due to which consistency differ in different shades. Some of the colours are super easy to apply while some are extremely patchy. Some colours are more drying than the others. Yes all of them have an amazing staying power, but they can be drying. All the shades have a weird plastic smell which can bother some. But the smell goes off some time after application.

1. Riot

Riot is a beautiful deep brown red colour lipstick. It is a perfect colour to flaunt during fall and winter. It is one of the colours with consistency better than the others. It glides on nicely on the lips without being patchy. But it does not feel so good on the lips. It makes my lips super drying which I usually try to cover with a lip balm. I love the colour and it looks beautiful on my skin tone.

Lime Crime Velvetines riot

2. Bleached

Bleached is the lightest shade that I have. For me, the colour is true to its name. It kind of bleach me out. It is a nude colour which might look good with heavy eye makeup. But other than that it has the capability to completely wash you out. Bleached is little patchy, but only when a second layer is applied. It is not completely opaque, your lips peep through beneath the colour. But with a darker colour lip liner the shade might look amazing.

Lime Crime Velvetines bleached

3. Pumpkin

Amongst all the 5 shades I have, Pumpkin is the best one. Not only does it look good on the lips, it feels amazing too. It is non drying and non patchy. It does not feel heavy on the lips. It might seem to accentuate fine lines, but that happens with majority of the liquid lipsticks. I love the consistency of the colour, it glides on nicely on the lips.

Lime Crime Velvetines pumpkin

4. Suedeberry

The brighter shades are the ones which are not so good consistency wise. The shade suedeberry is a beautiful orange colour, but is the most patchy one. It has a thicker consistency which gives a thick layer of colour every time you try to apply it. The makes the colour feel heavy on the lips and super patchy too. After applying the colour, if you will try to pat your lips together, the colour comes out and leaves empty patches on lips. It is one of the most pathetic looking and feeling colour I have ever tried.

Lime Crime Velvetines Suedeberry

5. Utopia

The last shade of Lime Crime Velvetines I have is a bright fuchsia pink called Utopia. It is a beautiful vibrant colour, but unfortunately this one is super patchy too. If a thin layer of the colour is applied, it looks beautiful, but it does not entirely cover the lips. To make the colour completely opaque another layer need to be applied, which makes the colour patchy.

Lime Crime Velvetines Utopia


Lime Crime Velvetines

Lime Crime Velvetines

Have you tried any of the products from Aliexpress or the original Lime Crime Velvetines?



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