Makeup Revolution Powder Blush Hot

Makeup Revolution Powder Blush Hot : Quick Review

Makeup Revolutions is a brand which came to India not very long ago. It is a UK brand which is decently affordable and has some amazing collection of makeup. I have lots of products from this brand but the thing that I have the most are its blushes. I have 5 blushes from the brand and the one I’ll be talking about today is ‘Makeup Revolution Powder Blush Hot’.

Makeup Revolution Powder Blush Hot

Product quantity: 3.4 gm

Price: INR 420 but it retails on for as low as INR83.94

Packaging: I bought the blush long ago, the days when it used to come in round packaging with a round pan. Makeup revolution has changed their packaging and not the blush comes in a rectangular packaging. The lid of the blush is pretty sturdy and is travel friendly.

Ingredients: Mentioned on the back sticker.

Makeup Revolution Powder Blush Hot
Product Description:

Intense colour for the cheeks. The colour blends easily and creates a natural glow and will last all day.

My take on the product:

From the name of the colour I assumed it to be a bright pink coloured blush. The images on the internet confirms that too. But when I actually got the product I was pleased to see that the blusher is peachy pink coloured and it is not too bright. It is a pretty subtle pink coloured blush. The blush is super soft to touch and blends on amazingly on the cheeks.

Makeup Revolution Powder Blush Hot

It is a colour that can be used for everyday purpose as well as can be layered for a night party look. The staying power of the blusher is average tough. It does not stay for all day long, but if layered properly, it can stay upto 4 hours.

Overall for the price I love the formula and the quantity of the blush. I never tend to use the same blush daily, so for me 3.4 gm is way much than I’ll ever use. 

Makeup Revolution Powder Blush Hot


  • Beautiful everyday shade that will suit majority of the skin tones
  • Affordable price range
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Soft and creamy to touch
  • Blends easily
  • Layers well
  • Decently pigmented


  • Not so good staying power
Makeup Revolution Powder Blush Hot
Would I buy this product again?

I have all the shades and so I would not buy this or any other colour from the line again.

Do I recommend this?

Yes, if you like to flaunt pink blushes, then this one won’t disappoint you. 

Rating: 3/5

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