Landybridal Wedding Dresses

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Few days back, I talked about Bridesmaid dresses and shared with you some of the points that must be kept in mind while selecting dresses for your bridesmaids. Today I will be sharing some of the points that must be kept in mind while selecting a dress for the bride herself.

The groom and the bride and the two most important people during a wedding, as a wedding cannot take place without a bride or a groom and amongst both, the bride and the groom, the bride steals the majority of the lime light. So it becomes more than important to select a dress for the bride that is not only good looking but also very comfortable. Today I will be introducing you with a site that has a great collection of wedding dresses, and the site I am talking about is called landybridal.

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Landybridal Wedding Dresses

The site not only has a great variety of dresses for the bride, but they also do offer a good variety of suits for the groom. Isn’t this amazing!



Coming back to brides dress, in Indian culture a bride is always dressed in a big heavy Lehenga which is usually red colored or sometimes can even be pink or orange, but in western culture a bride is always dressed in a white colored dress. There are a huge variety of bridal dresses in the market to choose from, but my personal favorites are lace dresses. Sometimes girls are not very comfortable to expose much during their wedding due to which they tend to miss out on dresses with sweetheart neckline or dresses with a low cut back. Lace dresses are a perfect solution to this. A lace bridal dress tends to cover you up nicely and gives you an opportunity to wear whatever cut or style you wish to wear on your wedding. Landybridal has a whole lot of cheap lace wedding dresses to choose from.

Landybridal Wedding Dresses

A bride might say that it’s my wedding, a day that comes just once in lifetime, why would I select a cheap wedding dress. But when organizing a marriage, one of the most important things that is to be kept in mind is the budget. Some people tend to overspend in the marriage and then they regret later. A bridal dress is something that won’t ever be used again, neither by you nor by anyone else. Yes it’s your special day and a bride must look her best but there is no harm in selecting a dress that is affordable and when you can get pretty dresses on discount, it’s not a bad deal.

Landybridal Wedding Dresses

Another type of wedding dresses that are in trend these days are mermaid style wedding dresses. All of us have seen movies in which a bride has a long trail of cloth behind her and many of us might have dreamed of having the same during our wedding. But practically speaking, these things happen only in movies, but does that mean that we can’t dream of having such a dress. No, though we can’t have that long trail behind us, but we can replicate the felling through a mermaid dress. Mermaid dresses are usually tighter near the thighs and they flow out near the legs, giving you a feeling of a mermaid. Mermaid dresses look beautiful on hourglass ladies as it draws attention to their waist and bust.

Few of my favorite mermaid dresses are:

Landybridal Wedding Dresses

Landybridal Wedding Dresses

Landybridal Wedding Dresses

Hope you find this article useful. Which is your favorite style of a wedding dress or which one would you like to wear in your wedding? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

Also, do check out the site for some amazing bridal dresses, especially because they offer free shipping to many countries.

Landybridal Wedding Dresses


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  1. True, groom and bride are equally important, but the bride is always the center of all! I love wedding gowns and I have always loved them (since I was 3 years old 🙂 and my favorite now is the one in lace, long sleeves and a sweet belt! Amazing!

  2. Never heard of this website before, thanks for introducing it on your blog. Everybody has a budget for dresses, glad they are selling it at cheap prices. A store that sells stuff at reasonable price is loved by all ! 🙂

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