LYN nail lacquer orchid be with you 4ever

LYN Nail Lacquer in Orchid Be With U 4ever: Review, Swatches and NOTD

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Hope you all had a great Monday! Today I will be writing about a brand of nail polish which I hauled few days back. You can check out my LYN Haul HERE

LYN nail lacquer orchid be with you 4ever

Many of you must not be aware about this brand as this brand is not very old in the market. The Brand LYN stands for Live Your Now and it was launched in the Indian market just few months back. I first came to know about this brand when I was surfing for some nail polishes. Initially I wasn’t sure about buying this, not because they were pricy or there were not many options to choose from, but because this brand was new and I didn’t know what to expect from the polish. But then I watched some videos on You Tube about the brand and discovered that it is one of the very few brands which have polishes that permit water to penetrate through them. This allows even the Muslim ladies to paint their nails. Isn’t this amazing!  The only other nail polish I knew existed like this one was from Inglot and it was for around Rs 800.

LYN nail lacquer orchid be with you 4ever

I didn’t think twice and bought some of the shades. The first shade that I will be reviewing today would be a pink and the shade is called ‘Orchid Be With U 4ever’. All the polishes from LYN are named very interestingly and I really admire the fact that the company has given importance to the names too.

Product quantity: 12 ml

Price:  Rs 350

LYN nail lacquer orchid be with you 4ever

Product Description:

The Live Your Now team has worked closely with an expert formulator based in France to create a revolutionary high definition nail lacquer that promises to give you nothing less than pure color perfection.

These lacquers have been formulated with pigments that reveal their true brightness and vividness for ultimate wear.

LYN salon quality nail lacquers glide on like satin, dry fast and are available gorgeous shades!

LYN nail lacquer orchid be with you 4ever

 My take on the product:

I have a ton of nail polishes and it really becomes difficult for me to store all of them in a way where I can see all the colors. These polishes win brownie points in this department. The polishes come in a rectangular shaped glass bottle which has a top wide enough to make the color visible even from the top. This allows me to store the polish even inside a drawer. The applicator attached to the cap of the polish is an average sized brush which is neither too wide nor too thin. The brush allows to cover the nail in around 2-3 strokes.

LYN nail lacquer orchid be with you 4ever

Coming to the consistency of the polish, all the polishes from the brand does not have the same consistency, some are thicker than the others, but if I talk about Orchid be with u 4ever, I am highly impressed with its consistency. The polish is flowy enough to make it easier to apply, but thick enough to give control over the application.

The company suggests applying 2 coats of the polish, but this particular color works even with a single coat. Though I personally like to apply 2 coats, but if you don’t have sufficient time to do so, you can easily get away with a single coat. This happens because unlike many other polishes this particular color is not streaky after single application. The color looks superb and flawless even after first application.

LYN nail lacquer orchid be with you 4ever

The drying time of this color is great too, it just takes 3-4 minutes to dry completely and it can easily stay intact for upto 5 days, without chipping. In the duration of 5 days, the color might start to fade from the top edges of the nails, but it won’t chip at all.

Though I would say that Orchid be with u 4ever is not a very unique shade, infact you can find such shades in almost every polish brand, but I am highly impressed with the quality and consistency this shade has to offer. And this makes me even more excited to try other shades from the line.

LYN nail lacquer orchid be with you 4ever


  • Affordable
  • Love the rectangular shaped bottle
  • Does not appear streaky even after a single coat
  • Nicely pigmented, which makes 2 or even a single coat sufficient
  • No chipping
  • Stays well for 4-5 days
  • Allows water to penetrate through the color
  • Perfect consistency


  • Not a very unique shade

This is the only con I can think of.

Some more Swatches:

LYN nail lacquer orchid be with you 4ever

LYN nail lacquer orchid be with you 4ever

LYN nail lacquer orchid be with you 4ever

Would I buy this product again?

I already have 8 of these, so I may not buy these polishes for a long time, and though I liked both the color and consistency, I might not repurchase this, as it’s not a very unique color.

Do I recommend this?

Yes! If you are looking for this type of a shade, something that works well with almost every outfit, you must try this shade from LYN.

You can buy this shade HERE

Rating: 4.8/5

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