L.A. Girl Pro Setting Spray

L.A. Girl Pro Setting Spray: Review

L.A. Girl Pro Setting Spray is one of the products I purchased last year, just before the wedding season. After watching a lot of makeup videos I decided I needed a setting spray to keep my makeup in place and finally ordered this one from Nykaa. Since I have super oily skin a setting spray is an absolute must-have for me and I haven’t stopped using it ever since. So I heard a lot of makeup artist rave about the M.A.C Prep and Prime but since that was a little expensive, I decided to try this one out.

L.A. Girl Pro Setting Spray

Product Description:

Extend your makeup wear like a pro, and let the flawlessness go on and on, as you take on the world, with every move you make. A setting spray is all you need, to keep the gorgeousness of your face makeup intact.

L.A. Girl Pro Setting Spray:

  • Is ultra fine in texture, and is super lightweight.
  • Has a non-sticky formula which evens out the base.
  • Gives a natural matte finish.
  • Is cruelty-free and vegan in nature.

Price: 850 INR (BUY HERE)


The packaging is very basic. L.A. Girl Pro Setting Spray is a 30ml black spray bottle. But since it is a spray bottle it is super easy to use.

L.A. Girl Pro Setting Spray
My Experience with L.A. Girl Pro Setting Spray:

Like I said, I have super oily skin and no one likes a greasy face, especially after you have spent so much time doing your makeup. I hate it when after my flawless makeup application I see tiny oily spots on my skin. It is so annoying! Having tried everything from different primers to matte foundations and when nothing helps, it is a little disappointing.

This is where setting sprays come in! What setting sprays do is, they lock in your makeup making your face and makeup looking fresh for hours! It also helps control oil production if you have oily skin. I bought this product after reading a lot of reviews about one and a half years ago. I thought I needed this product because of back to back weddings in my family. Weddings mean long hours of makeup and I had to make sure my makeup doesn’t budge during the functions. Although at that time I didn’t notice anything but now since I use it regularly for parties and sometimes even at work for important meetings, I see such a big difference if I spritz this on my face.

L.A. Girl Pro Setting Spray

Even after 6-7 hours, my makeup is in place and it also adds a little glow to the face. I absolutely love this budget product but the only thing I don’t like about this is that it claims to give a natural matte finish and it doesn’t. The finish of my makeup is slightly dewy after I use it and not matte. I still love this product. Although this doesn’t make my skin 100% oil-free, so I recommend carrying blotting sheets in your bag (for emergencies).


All you need to do is after you have applied your makeup; spritz it evenly all over face from a half arm distance.

Pros of L.A. Girl Pro Setting Spray:
  • Lightweight
  • Dries up real quick
  • Non-sticky
  • Adds a dewy glow
  • No fragrance
  • Avoids makeup transfer
  • Travel-friendly

Cons of L.A. Girl Pro Setting Spray:

  • Tiny bottle

Rating: 5/5

This is a recommended product for those girls with oily skin.

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