Lipsticks under Rs 100

5 Lipsticks under Rs 100!

5 lipsticks under Rs 100!

Today’s post would be for all the ladies who love to have a bunch of makeup options with them but are on a budget. Today I will be talking about 5 Lipsticks under Rs 100. Yes, you heard it right, there are certain brands which have Nude lipstick for under 100 bucks. All of these brands are not very easily available online, but sites like Amazon and Flipkart do sell these brands.

Let’s get started:

1. Blue Heaven Long Wear Lip Color (BUY HERE)

The first lipstick I want to talk about is from the brand Blue Heaven. I have tried and reviewed many lipsticks from this brand and I truly like the majority of them. The brand does have some amazing lipsticks at very- very affordable price range. Blue Heaven Long Wear lip color retails for Rs 105, but it can usually be bought at a discount. A minimum discount of 10% makes the lipstick cost go under 100 bucks. The lipstick is available in 24 different color options to choose from.

Lipsticks under Rs 100, Blue Heaven Long Wear Lip Color
2. Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lip Color (BUY HERE)

Elle 18 is a brand that is available in the market for many- many years and it is one of the most loved affordable brands. The brand does have a bunch of products but they have tons of shades of lipsticks to choose from. Some of their lipsticks are sold at a price higher than 100 Rs, but the starting price of Elle 18 lipsticks is 100 bucks. I have personally used many lipsticks from the brand years back, and have liked the majority of them.

Lipsticks under Rs 100, Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lip Color
3. Blue Heaven Xpression Lip Color Pencil (BUY HERE)

Here comes another affordable lip product from Blue Heaven. Blue Heaven Xpression Lip Color Pencils are technically not proper lipsticks but they are a kind of chubby lip liners which are very similar to chubby lip pencils available in many other brands. These chubby lip pencils retail for Rs 60 and are available in 6 color options, and they do come with their own sharpener too.

Lipsticks under Rs 100, Blue Heaven Xpression Lip Color Pencil
4. ADS Longlasting Matte Lipstick (BUY HERE)

These are one of the lipsticks that are only available on These lipsticks do not come as an individual lipstick but are sold in the set of 6 lip colors. The set of 6 lipstick retails for Rs 449 which makes it around Rs 75 per lipstick.

Lipsticks under Rs 100, ADS Longlasting Matte Lipstick
5. Amura Smart Girl Lipstick (BUY HERE)

These individual lipsticks are sold only on Flipkart and they retail for Rs 100. The lipsticks are claimed to stay on for 6-8 hours and are available in huge color options.

Lipsticks under Rs 100: AMURA Smart Girl LipStick

I personally have tried the top 3 but haven’t got a chance to try the ADS and Amura ones. Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Comment in the comment section below!


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