Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plates: Are they good for long nails?

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today I will be discussing about Konad Stamping Nail Art Plates and will be telling you about my experience with the full nail plate that is available as one of the many options in Konad.

Starting with what kind of plates are available with Konad, Konad has a huge range of plates available for making different kind of designs onto the nails, some of them contains small patterns whereas some plates have patterns which are suitable for complete nail. Today I have Plate No m65 for you. This is one of the full nail plates from Konad. The plate contains 4 different designs which are suitable for making patterns on complete nail and a small design that can be used to otherwise decorate the nail.

konad stamping nail art

But is this kind of plate good for long nails? My answer would be No. If you have long nails, then the full nail design plate is not exactly meant for you, I am saying this with personal experience. I have used this plate several times before and it has worked well for me (when I had short nails), but these days I have long nails, and yesterday I decided to try one of the designs from the plate. I was excited about the design and knew that it would look good on my nails. But unfortunately when I started using this, I realized that the length of the design is not too long. It was not as long as my nails, which lead to a blank space in the front of the nail. The design wasn’t looking good with the blank space and so I decided to go over the plate again in order to fill in the space, but unfortunately repeating the process on the blank space ruined my design, the new design overlapped with my previous design making it look worst.

I am not saying that these plates are of no use. In Fact I love these plates and I myself have 3 of these, but all I am saying is, if you have long nails, then this plate is not meant for you. For long nails try using plates with smaller designs instead of full nail design plate.

konad stamping nail art

konad stamping nail art

konad stamping nail art

Hope that this article was of some help.

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27 thoughts on “Konad Stamping Nail Art Image Plates: Are they good for long nails?”

  1. The look good Swati… I know they are not the way you wanted them to turn out but you did a great job making them look good xox β™‘

  2. Somehow I like it, even with the blank leaps… I never knew about such a plate, wow, the things that are invented! For me, who never had a nail design, it could be a good way to start!

    1. yes definitely its an amazing way to start with nail arts and the best part is that they are super easy to do πŸ™‚

  3. Nice read. Yes Konad ones are not perfect for Long nail manis.. For Long nails look for XL stamping plates, they have larger size images so that the image gets covered in the nails properly. I had Konad but had these issues so I get other stamping plates so that I don’t have to overlap the images. Konad is really good for smaller images, or if the nails are small to medium.

    1. oh I didn’t know about the XL stamping plates….will surely check them out…thanks for the information dear….

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