Pink and White Polka dot Nails, Tutorial and NOTD

Hey Girls,

I love long nails and by the grace of God I myself have long nails. My nails make a perfect canvas for me to create some designs on them. Sometimes the designs I try are complicated but majority of the times I go for simple designs which does not take much time to create. Today I am sharing one of my simplest designs.

Items Required:

  1. Any 2-3 colored nail polishes (I have used just 3 colors, a pink and a white)
  2. A top coat to secure the design on place
  3. Dotting Tool (In case you do not have a dotting tool, nib of a ball pen can also be used)



Step 1:  Paint the nails with a base color (I have used Pink as the base color)



Step 2: Design a French manicure tip with the other color (I have used a white for my design. I have done this with free hands but stencils or French tips can also be used to get a straight line)




Step 3:  Take out little amount of white color on a paper and apply the same on the pink sections of your nails with a dotting tool. Make 4-5 drops on the lower corner of the pink nail.


Your design will look something like this.



Step 4: Perform the same step for the upper half of the nail. Take little amount of pink on the dotting tool and make small dots on the white section.


Step 5: Apply a topcoat to secure your nail art design.


Isn’t this an easy nail art design? It takes just 5-7 minutes to complete the design. This is the fastest and the cutest design and is so girls 🙂


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