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How to style Casual Shirts for Men

Men’s fashion seems easier as compared to women fashion since they seem to have a lesser variety of clothing items as compared to their counterparts. But in reality, this is not the case. While men may seem to have a limited type of clothing, but the variety in each type is not so limited these days. Today in this post I will be sharing a few tips on ‘How to style casual shirts for men’. When we think about casual shirts, the first thing that might come to our mind is a loose fitting, relaxed looking piece of clothing and that’s exactly how a casual shirt should be. While a dress shirt is preferred to have a tailored/slim fit, a casual shirt looks better with a slightly looser fit especially for short guys.

These days, casual shirts for men are available in a number of colours and design options and they can be bought anywhere from online to physical stores. But, while selecting the pattern and colour of the casual shirt, one must take note of the weather. Brighter coloured casual shirts look amazing in hot weather especially when you are planning a holiday. Whereas, darker shades suit best during winters. To buy them online just type casual shirts for men online and you will be flooded with a number of options.

casual shirts for men

The fabric of the shirt you choose is equally as important as it’s colour. During summer months, light cotton or linen shirts look amazing while slightly heavier fabrics can be selected during the cooler months.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, casual shirts for men are usually not so tight fitting piece, but this does not mean that the shirt selected must not have any fit at all. It is very important to know the right size which fits you and select the size of the shirt accordingly. While a smaller size can emphasize all your not so flattering body areas, a larger size can make you look unpolished.

When you have selected the shirt that fits you perfectly and goes well with the weather conditions, it comes the time to actually style the perfect casual shirt that you have selected. While pairing the shirt with a pair of jeans is the stylish and the safest option, they can also be paired with a relaxed fitting pair of shorts for an even more relaxed look.

casual shirts for men

But, pairing the casual shirt with either a pair of jeans or a pair of shorts depends on the place you want to wear the shirt to. A solid white shirt with a pair of dark wash denim is a combination you can never go wrong with. Another cool way to style casual shirts for men is by layering the outfit. For example, layering a plaid casual shirt over a solid coloured tight fitting shirt gives a whole new look.

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How do you like to style your casual shirts?

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