Gifting Jewelleries to Special on Special Occasions

You can never go wrong with gifting jewelleries to women. Women and jewelleries have a bond forever. Chocolates and flowers are a one-time combination that can make a woman smile. But jewelleries can make a woman feel special every time. Be it gold, silver, platinum or diamond, a jewellery just adds the perfect touch to adorn a woman’s feminine beauty.  

Here is some jewellery set that you can gift your special women in life:

1. A Kundan Set

Kundan is a traditional jewellery having its origin from the Mughal Era in Rajasthan. A Kundan set comprises of glass stone fitted on metal (mostly gold and silver) base using the jarau technique and further detailed by Meenakari work. A Kundan set can be a perfect gift to your wife or mother on the ocassion of anniversaries and birthdays. It can also be gifted to a woman as a wedding gift.

2. Polki Set

Polki set looks similar to kundan but it has a major difference. It has a metal base fitted with untreated diamonds with the same jarau technique and Meenakari work. Hence, it is more expensive. It is a perfect wedding gift and also be gifted to a woman of any age. It has its origin from the Mughal Era further popularised by the aristocrats of Rajasthan.

3. Diamond Set

Though the diamond set price is a lot more, it can be a wonderful gift to a mother, sister, daughter or wife. Diamonds are studded on a gold or silver base. If you are looking for something in lower budget, then you can go for a pair of diamond studs or a finger ring. The personalized rings studded with precious diamonds can also be a wonderful gift if you are proposing your girlfriend for marriage.

4. Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is always a safe option if you do not know much about other jewellery kinds. It is usually within budget and comes in a variety of options. If you are gifting gold to younger women, then stick to simple designs and light weighted ones. You will find many gold jewellery designs with price and weight online. For older women, you can go ahead with more elaborate designs. Gold can be a gift option on any occasion as it is considered to be an auspicious metal. If you don’t want to gift a whole set, then you can go with gold bangles, earrings, studs, nose rings and pins, pendants and chains.

5. Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery looks trendy and is low on budget. The best thing about silver is that it can be worn daily and looks very sober. It is a hard metal and can be well maintained. You can gift a pair of silver earrings to a woman on her birthday. You can also check out silver bracelets, anklets, pendants, finger rings etc. Silver jewellery sets also come in different designs. If you want the touch of gold to your silver jewelleries, then you can go with a layer of gold on them.

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