Self Drive Road Trip – Offbeat Getaways in Maharashtra

Offbeat Getaways in Maharashtra

A getaway from Mumbai is needed once in a while to refresh and rejuvenate. There are many options for short getaways – from lush forest reserves to idiosyncratic cultural experiences. And luckily for travel enthusiasts, the city is connected to multiple destinations with some of the best highways making road trips a lot of fun. Safety should be your number one priority when taking a road trip with your family. However, some accidents can’t be avoided and that’s why you should always have the contact information of a truck accident lawyer. With a self drive car rental app, it is easy to make impromptu plans. Here are some rather unique and offbeat destinations in Maharashtra.

Kalavantin Durg

The towering Kalavantin Durg is regarded as one of the most dangerous fortresses in the world. It takes a climb up some very steep rock-carved steps to reach the summit. Maybe this is why this scenic spot in the forests just outside Mumbai remains an offbeat destination. Apart from the hair-raising hike, one can also soak in some pristine scenery on the 48-km journey.

Offbeat Getaways in Maharashtra


Flanked by the sea on one side and green meadows and woods on the other, the Vijaydurg Fort is one of the most scenic historical landmarks in the state. One can explore the stone ruins and get good views from the top of the bastions. It is a good fort to get an idea of Maratha architectural styles – the inner court and granaries are some places to visit for this reason.

Offbeat Getaways in Maharashtra


Winter is the best time to visit Chikhaldara, a hill town on the eastern end of Maharashtra. The journey itself is a very interesting one – stops include the important temple town of Nashik and Malegaon. Chikhaldara is a good base for wildlife spotting – the close-by Melghat Tiger Project is home to many of these deadly predators. Gawilgad Fort is a historical attraction here and one can also visit the town’s Tribal Museum to learn about the indigenous people who have lived here for thousands of years.

Offbeat Getaways in Maharashtra


A 127-km drive south is Kolad, an idyllic town that is known for being a hub of whitewater kayaking and rafting. The River Kundalika is the lifeline of this town, rushing into the coast from the high Western Ghats. Beginners can enjoy negotiating the gentler rapids on a raft under the supervision of experts at all times. According to, other activities that can be enjoyed in Kolad include camping in the jungle and rappelling. Ghosala Fort, Tamhini Falls, and the Kolad Dam are some of the many picturesque landmarks here.

Offbeat Getaways in Maharashtra

Travel in a Self Drive Car

There are many reasons why informed travelers are skipping the regular cabs and opting for self drive cars in Mumbai instead. Leisurely road trips and family getaways are more fun when done on one’s own terms. There is complete privacy in a rental and extra space. Travelers can stop wherever they want and they control the pace of their journey and the route choices. App-based platforms like Zoomcar offer 24/7 on-road support, something even car owners cannot boast about. And if you unfortunately get involved in a car accident, you can click here for legal help.

The city of Mumbai is tucked in a dramatic natural region. Away from the skyscrapers and constant buzz, predators roam and vibrant rustic cultures thrive. Get behind the wheel and enjoy these offbeat destinations in Maharashtra.

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