Fall Essentials Your Closet Needs Right Now

Fall Essentials Your Closet Needs Right Now


When you find yourself in front of the biggest dilemma of all – what to wear – it’ always good to have some basic pieces, like a good pair of jeans, a classic denim or leather jacket, a nice black blazer and a little black dress. These timeless fashion items will always be more than helpful when you get stuck in front of an open wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear, as they can be easily combined with some trendy pieces in order to create a look to kill. Here are some of the most important ones you should have in your closet this fall.

A cozy sweater for cold days

Nothing can warm you more in a cold and rainy day than a big cozy sweater, besides a cup of hot chocolate or a strong hug maybe. But, if you don’t have a warm beverage or your love one near you, opt for a good old sweater in some of your favourite colours. Depending how you match it, it can be suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions. For a more relaxed look, pair a slouchy sweater with nice dark jeans, and for a bit styled venue choose sweater with a turtleneck and combine it with leather leggings.

Layers for moody weather


Autumn weather can sometimes be very unpredictable, so it’s good to start thinking about layered clothing and, therefore, an oversized cardigan is what you must have for this season. Pick some neutral colour that will easily combine with the rest of your clothes, like black, deep purple or beige, depending on what hue is prevalent among your clothing.

Prepare for any occasion

You should always have some nice and elegant piece of clothes in your closet for unexpected formal events (it’s always good to be prepared). Little black dress can cover most of venues, but this fall, fashion trends dictate a little bit different models and styles of formal dresses, so you can, for example, pick a long-sleeved velvet gown in some deep shade, such as green, brown, old gold or plum, and peacefully wait an opportunity to shine in it (which probably want be long, considering the forthcoming holidays).

Fall booties

Fall Essentials

Ankle-boots are the perfect choice for almost any autumn combination – from jeans to nice dresses, so if you still don’t have a pair, think about getting black or other ones, which you’ll find to be very useful even during spring and winter.

Spice it up a little bit

Since the usual fall combinations are dark and monochromatic ones, prepare nice accessories to liven up your outfits. A colorful, vibrant scarf or a statement necklace can successfully lift up your clothing, same as big trendy chokers and bold cuffs, which will give you a chic look.

If you still don’t have some of these in your precious collection, take advantage of ongoing holiday season’s sales and invest in some piece of clothes or accessories, and soon enough you will realize they were truly worth it and they’ll become part of your favorite combinations for the next year.

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