Essie Nail Lacquer Turquoise & Caicos

Essie Nail Lacquer Turquoise & Caicos: Review

Essie is one of the most loved brands in the world of nail polishes. I have tried many nail polish brands but never got a chance to try Essie as it is not very easily available in India. Recently I got a chance to grab some of Essie polishes and I got 4. Today I’ll be reviewing Essie Nail Lacquer Turquoise & Caicos.

Price: $ 9 for 13.5 ml of product (can also be bought from

Essie Nail Lacquer Turquoise & Caicos

Product Description:

Frolic in the sublime waters of this flirty polish. Vibrant, tropical aqua nail color refreshes mind, body and fashion wardrobe.

Essie enamel product benefits:

  • Extensive color palette with hundreds of shades
  • High, glossy shine finish
  • Provides flawless coverage along with outstanding durability
  • The brush fits every nail size for a streak-free application

Essie Nail Lacquer Turquoise & Caicos


Essie polishes are packaged like any other normal nail polish, in a glass bottle. They have a white colored cap and the brand name written on the bottle with white as well. The wand has an average size width which is neither too small nor too big. It can be considered ideal for any kind of nail size. The one thing I liked about the wand is, the fact that the bristles are a little bit curved from the top edge which makes it easier to apply polish without messing it up.

Essie Nail Lacquer Turquoise & Caicos

Also, the shade name is mentioned on the top of the cap, which means that the desired color can be easily selected even if all the polishes are kept inside a drawer and the actual color is not visible.

My Experience with Essie Nail Lacquer Turquoise & Caicos:

Essie describes the shade as ‘a flirty and pretty tropical aqua’ which is perfectly the right description for the shade. Turquoise & Caicos is a beautiful aqua polish which gives a pop of color to your nails without looking over the top. The shade is appropriate for summers and can be used for daily office wear too.

Essie Nail Lacquer Turquoise & Caicos

The polish has a good consistency which makes it easier to apply and it does not take much time to dry. The color Turquoise & Caicos is not exactly opaque and even 2 coats of the polish do not make it opaque. But if you really want an opaque color, 3-4 coats can be applied without making the polish look thick.

The staying power of the color is better than what I actually expected. I have not had a good time with the staying power of the high-end polishes and for this one too, I assumed that the polish would stay only for 1-2 days. But to my surprise, the polish (even with just 2 coats and without a top coat), stays easily for 4-5 days with no chipping and only minor fading from the top edges.

Essie Nail Lacquer Turquoise & Caicos

Overall thoughts:

I heard a lot of good things about Essie polishes and this being my first one, I had a lot of expectations. Essie polishes are fantastic. I loved how the shade Turquoise & Caicos looked on my nails. It was colorful yet very subtle. Moreover, it stayed for long. Overall I am really digging into Essie polishes and I am glad that I have 3 more to try!


Essie Nail Lacquer Turquoise & Caicos

Pros of Essie Nail Lacquer Turquoise & Caicos:
  • Beautiful color
  • Simple classy packaging
  • The medium sized brush works well for all nail shapes and sizes
  • Stays put for a long time
  • No chipping or fading for 2-3 days
  • The shade name is written on the top of the cap, which makes it easier to select the color even if you can’t actually see the color (when the polishes are kept in a drawer)
  • Good consistency
Cons of Essie Nail Lacquer Turquoise & Caicos:

The only con I can think of is that these polishes are not easily available in India. The shade Turquoise & Caicos not being too opaque can be a negative for some girls, but I personally am fine with it, in fact, I loved it.

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Looks like you’re obsessed with polishes just like me. My first Essie was from Flipkart & it was only a gel top coat though. To date, it’s the best top coat I’ve ever found. I too am in love with this brand & by the way, your nails look gorgeous.

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