Dotted Nails! NOTD

Dotted Nails! NOTD/Nail Art

We love to have a good manicure, but it’s not always possible to go to the nail salon and get it done. I love to do my nails at home and today I’ll be sharing one of the simplest nail art ideas. For this particular design, all you need is a dotting tool and if you don’t have one, a toothpick would also work.

Here are some of the stepwise pictures!

Step 1: Start by painting the entire nail with a colour of your choice (I selected white). Then with a free hand, colour the nails with a different colour in a pattern as shown in the picture. (I selected a deep brown colour)

Dotted Nails! NOTD

Step 2: Once it gets completely dried, start with the dotting tool and make brown coloured dots on the white section of the nails.

Step 3: Repeat the same on the brown section. Make white coloured dotes.Nail Art

And It’s done! Here is a simple nail manicure which is not only easy but can also be done in just 5 minutes.


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89 thoughts on “Dotted Nails! NOTD/Nail Art”

  1. I love nail art! BUt I dont know how to do the art, so I go to the manicurist every week. This nail art is amazing, may I copy it? I would love to! I hope you have a great day!

    1. Sure Denise….I love to get my nails manicured occasionally, but I change my nail color often….Also I love to try different techniques on my nails, polka dots being the easiest one 🙂

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