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Few months back I talked about a site called on my blog and introduced you to some of the amazing rings they have. (Check out the post HERE). I also showed a sneak peak of some of the unique designs of rings that Jeulia has to offer. Today I will be taking about those unique designs in detail.

Jeulia LogoBefore introducing you to the designs they have let me talk a bit about the quality of product they have to offer. Jeulia rings are studded with Swarovski Zirconia crystals which are colored in variety of colors to suit any occasion. Not only this, the stones are cut in number of different shapes to suit the desired need. Each and every stone that is used in making Jeulia Design rings are individually tested for quality which is then machine cut and polished according to the requirement.

Now coming to the unique designs Jeulia has to offer, the site has three main product series in the category of Jeulia Design:
Jeulia Skull Rings, Jeulia Mermaid Rings and Jeulia Dragon Rings.

1. Jeulia Skull rings
I am sure that you must have not seen anything as unique as this category of rings from When we think of funky rings, we can think of wearing a skull shaped ring but Jeulia gives a new definition to wedding rings by introducing their special skull shaped rings to their wedding ring category. Thinking about which color would look best with your dress? Don’t worry as Jeulia has a variety of colors to offer you, and their black diamond skull rings are to die for. They look absolutely unique and classy.


skull ring

2. Jeulia Mermaid Rings
Mermaids, though not real are considered one of the most beautiful creatures on this planet and this is perfectly indicated by mermaid rings from Jeulia. If you are a beauty lover then nothing can beat these beautiful rings for you. Majority of the mermaid rings are silver and white colored with a different colored stone, but Jeulia also does offer mermaid rings in rose gold color. You can select the mermaid ring of your choice from a wide variety of mermaid engagement rings and mermaid wedding rings.

mermaidmermaid ring

3. Jeulia Dragon Rings
The third category of rings that Jeulia designs have to offer is dragon rings. According to Chinese astrology dragons are considered auspicious, in fact they are the strongest sign of Chinese astrology. Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers; it is a symbol of power, strength and good luck. So what can be a better design for a wedding ring than a dragon ring, and yes Jeulia design does also offer Dragon engagement rings. They are available in gold, rose gold as well as in black colored metal with different colored stone.


dragon ring

So, if you are looking for a designer ring for your engagement or if you want to please your would be and surprise her with a unique and special engagement ring that nobody would have ever thought of, go and check out this amazing site. They have one of the best collections of designer jewelry online.
To know more about the site you can also check out their you tube video:



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