Deciding on Dermaroller Treatments

Dermaroller Treatments

If you are like most people, you want to look and feel good about yourself. When you look in the mirror, you want the image to reflect great skin and a youthful appearance. Unfortunately, the time has a way of catching up to us in the form of wrinkles, sags, dimpled skin, and scars. Is there anything you can do about it without it costing you an arm and a leg? The answer to that is yes. For your skin care issues, Dermaroller Treatments may be the answer.

How skin acts naturally

Our skin is the largest organ, covering our entire body and protecting us from outside pollutants. We take care of it naturally by cleansing it, using moisturizers, and trying to avoid damage to it. Sadly, we also cause harm to it by overexposing ourselves to the sun, by smoking, or by exposing it to airborne toxins. If we don’t follow the steps to care for our skin, it can result in breakouts from clogged pores or toxins. Not keeping our bodies toned can result in cellulite dimpling our skin.

Dermaroller Treatments

Even if we take every step to care for our skin, eventually, it gives in to time. Skin naturally produces plenty of collagen when we are young. This key ingredient plumps our skin and repairs skin damaged skin cells. Collagen production begins to slow down as we get older. Our skin and bodies age, giving us wrinkles and stretch marks or scars. You can also find best place for cosmetic surgery to get the perfect skin.

What a Dermaroller treatment does

Dermarollers are devices used in the micro-needling process. The handheld device has a barrel-shaped section on the end which is covered in medical grade, microneedles. In a Dermaroller procedure, the device is rolled across the surface of the skin, making tiny punctures in the skin. These punctures create microchannels into the lower layer of the skin where collagen naturally takes place. By making these tiny injuries, it stimulates the skin to heal the cells naturally and stimulates the skin to produce collagen in response. The new collagen fills the sagging cells and creates elastins to pull the skin taut again.

Dermaroller treatments compared to Laser treatments


Treatments with cosmetic laser machines are far more uncomfortable than the Dermaroller. When a numbing cream is used at the time of treatment, Dermarollers are easily tolerable. Treatments by lasers can produce immediately noticeable results whereas the Dermaroller takes time. However, the laser treatments cost significantly more than the Dermaroller procedure. That expense can break your budget if multiple laser treatments are needed.

Benefits of the Dermaroller

One major benefit of the micro-needling process is that it makes the skin highly susceptible to products used in conjunction with the treatment. Applying a collagen-infused serum or vitamin enhanced serum immediately after the procedure is highly effective as the skin will readily absorb the product.

Dermaroller Treatments

Where to find Dermaroller treatments

If you’ve decided to go ahead with a micro-needling procedure, you will need to look at cosmetic clinics in your area. Verify their reputation before making an appointment. Don’t forget to ask questions beforehand so you will be comfortable with your first treatment.

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