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Whenever we talk about dresses its always prom dresses or evening dresses or may be wedding dresses that come to our mind, but do we ever think of communion dresses? Actually Yes, but only if you belong to a Christian family. I myself wasn’t aware about the concept of communion until I saw few pretty girls communion dresses on Many of us may not even be aware about what is communion and so we do not know the importance of this occasion.

white communion dress

Communion or to be exact, First Communion is a ceremony in some Christian traditions during which a person first receives the Eucharist i.e. they get a special Christian rite which is recognised as of particular importance and significance. In churches that celebrate First Communion, it typically occurs between the ages of seven and thirteen.Catholics believe this event to be very important, as the Eucharist occupies a central role in Catholic theology and practice.

As first communion is a very important occasion in one’s life, it’s dress has to be special too. You could find a good variety of first communion dresses on aislestyle website. Families who celebrate First communion usually include large family gatherings and parties to celebrate the event. On this day girls wear fancy dresses with lace detailing and boys usually wear Tuxidos or suits. Like christian wedding dresses white communion dresses are most popular as white signifies purity but communion dresses are also available in other color options.

white communion dress

Communion dresses can be as costly as wedding dresses but a decent one can be found anywhere between the price range of £100-£250.

2017 First Communion Dresses Collection by Aisle Style has been published online, and Communion Dress with sleeves or sleeveless, classic or traditional styles, floor length or Tea Length, Plus size or Custom size are all made to order.

white communion dress


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