Nykaa Nail Polish Collection

My Nykaa Nail Polish Collection

Nykaa Nail Polish Collection

Nykaa is a huge name for online shoppers especially if you are a makeup and skincare junkie. Nykaa started it’s journey around 3 years back with a small number of brands and now after a span of 3 years, it has become one of the largest beauty destinations in India. They even have MAC and Bobbi Brown with them. The one thing that I admire about them is that they not only have famous brands but they have their own line of products too. Today I’ll be sharing with you all some of the nail polishes that I own from the brand Nykaa. Read on to see my ‘Nykaa Nail Polish Collection’.

Nykaa has a huge selection of colors to choose from and various different finishes too. I have 15 nail polishes from Nykaa but once I went too crazy shopping and I bought 2 of the same shades. So technically I only have 14 different shades, 9 normal polishes, and 5 Matte.

Price: Rs 179 for normal polishes & Rs 199 for Matte Polishes (Some special Nykaa polishes also costs Rs 249, but I have none of those).

My Nykaa Nail Polish Collection:

Yes, I have two of the same shades đŸ™‚

Let’s get started with the shades I have:

Violet Macroon

Solid Ink Mousse


Hawaain Punch

lemon pudding

Matcha Tiramisu


Rose Quartz

Hasta La Pista

Cherry pop

Blackcurrant Gelato

Blue Lime Slush

blueberry sorbet

Caramel Brown

Apart from these colors, I do own another color from the collection called ‘Strawberry Tart‘ which has been reviewed on the blog in detail.

These polishes can be bought from Nykaa’s website.

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