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Catholic Wedding Dresses

When we think of Indian weddings, we usually have a heavy lehenga in mind with a grand venue, but Catholic weddings are different. In a Catholic wedding, brides do not wear heavy lehengas but all they wear is a beautiful white wedding dress. There are many kinds of wedding dresses available online but brides love to showcase their curves and so they usually opt for long slim wedding dresses. A slim wedding dress like the one shown in the picture below, not only makes the bride look sexy and beautiful but it also helps in enhancing the self confidence of the bride. If the bride knows that she is looking good then she is confident enough to face the huge gathering with confidence. Wedding Dresses

Another thing that attracts me the most in these weddings is the venue. I have seen many pictures on Pinterest where the wedding venue is a beach with a beautifully decorated area full of flowers. A beautiful beach venue should be complimented with a beautiful beach wedding dress.

Wedding Dresses
Imagine you have such a beautiful place all decorated in flowers from a reliable florist for your wedding and here you come in a beautiful long trailed wedding gown. Every eye would be on you!

Now the question is, where to find these dresses? There are many online shops from where you can shop for these wedding dresses and I have written about some of them earlier too. One such site for bridesmaid dress online shop is The site has a good range of Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses to choose from. The thing that I liked most about the site is that, they have Flowergirl dresses too. Little girls accompanying the brides is the most adorable thing.

Wedding DressesI was an Indian bride and so I didn’t get a chance to wear these dresses except for my pre wedding shoot, but I really wish to attend at least one such wedding where I am able to be a bridesmaid to one such beautiful bride.

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