Pre wedding photo shoots: My experience and some tips

Marriage photography has always been in trend since past many many years but getting clicked together with your partner by a professional photographer in fancy outfits and beautiful locations before marriage is in trend since only past few years.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Personally I wasn’t aware about pre wedding photoshoots before 2015, when I saw one of the girls in my facebook friend list uploading beautiful pictures with her fiancee. Though she wasn’t dressed up in super fancy clothes or the pictures were not clicked in an amazing location but they seemed super adorable to me. Then came a time when my facebook feed was completely filled with such cute pictures of couples getting their pre wedding photoshoot done. I also wanted to get one done but I wasn’t engaged nor did I know anything about posing in front of the camera.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

After few months, I found the man of my dreams (thanks to matrimonial sites) and I got engaged. I shared the idea of getting pre wedding shoot done with my fiancee and he happily agreed. Then started the quest of finding the right photographer. After meeting a couple of photographers and getting quotes from them we found the right one and we discussed about the pre wedding and wedding photography.

Its not easy to find the right photographer but when you are searching for one, make sure to go through some points:

  • What’s my budget?
  • What all functions do I need to cover?
  • What kind of camera would be good for the coverage (I am saying this because we had a bad experience with our engagement photographer).
  • Do I have a separate budget for going to a location for my pre wedding shoot (because if not so, then you would have to search for places in Delhi with nice backgrounds which are free of cost too. There are plenty of such beautiful places available, just make sure to reach there on time).
  • Can I trust the photographer for such a huge event? (Is the photographer experienced enough to cover everything nicely, as marriage happens only once and you would not want to ruin your wedding pictures).

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Once everything was done, it was time to search for the locations for getting the shoot done and our photographer was sure that he does not want us to shoot in some park or even Connaught Place. He actually wanted us to go to Maldives but that was not an option for us. After searching for a while and seeing some pre wedding pics online we decided to go to a place called “The Perfect Location” for getting our pictures clicked. The Place was not free and we payed fees for the day (8 hours to be exact, as they tend to charge extra 2500 for an extra hour).

The place is not too fancy in person but when seen in the pictures, it looks beautiful. There are over 15 different backdrops which can be used as per the requirement. It’s the job of the photographer to choose appropriate backdrop as per the attire.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Talking about the attire, it is very important to select the right kind of clothing for the shoot. Number of clothes that you want to change or the type of clothes completely depends on one’s personal style. But while selecting the clothes always make sure to consult your photographer and don’t forget to complement your clothes with your partner. Also girls, don’t forget to take your makeup and hair styler with you. Good makeup and hairstyle makes all the difference.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Once everything is done, it’s time for some hard work. Though it’s fun but shooting for straight 8 hours with multiple makeup and dress changes is not an easy task, especially if you are not a professional model. The key to get everything done smoothly is to trust your photographer and enjoy the special moments with your partner. Forget that somebody is watching you or clicking you, just look into the eyes of your partner and enjoy! You don’t need to be a supermodel or poser to get beautiful pictures, I remember telling my photographer that I can’t pose and he said that it’s his job to get the pictures clicked, I don’t need to worry about posing, all I need to do is be happy and smile 🙂

Pre wedding photoshoots are a huge trend, so friends if you are about to get married then try and keep a small budget for such special memories and if you are already married and haven’t got a chance to do this, then its not too late, you can always get a post wedding photoshoot done too!!

Some more pics from our Pre-Wedding Shoot:
Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Pre Wedding PhotoshootPre Wedding PhotoshootPre Wedding Photoshoot Pre Wedding PhotoshootPre Wedding PhotoshootPre Wedding PhotoshootOur Photographer: Vivek Chawla Studio – Cinematography & Photography



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