5 Most Beautifully packaged brands

When it comes to makeup shopping, I always tend to gravitate towards something that is beautifully packaged. Something that looks beautiful has to be a part of my makeup collection. Yes, product quality is the most important criteria but for me, good packaging matters too. Today I’ll be listing 5 of the makeup brands that have an upper hand in the market when it comes to beautiful packaging.

1. Christian Louboutin 

Christian Louboutin is one of the well-known luxury brands in the market. This brand is not only famous for its heels but also for its beautifully packed and enormously priced nail polishes and lipsticks.

5 Most Beautifully packaged brands

2. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

I love anything which is gold and this is where YSL makes a win for me. YSL’s makeup products are beautifully packed in gold coloured packaging which makes them a good display piece. But they are not only good for display, they are equally good as far as the quality is concerned.

5 Most Beautifully packaged brands

5 Most Beautifully packaged brands

3. Make-up Art Cosmetics (MAC)

In its usual packaging, MAC products come packed in a black coloured case, but MAC tends to launch limited edition products every now and then. All the limited edition products re-launched in different coloured packaging, some of which are absolutely breathtaking. My personal favourite is MAC’s Alluring Aquatic collection (bottom right in the picture).

5 Most Beautifully packaged brands

4. Physician’s Formula

This is one of the affordable brands in the list. Physician’s formula is a drugstore brand which sells products at a slightly higher price range than other drugstore brands, but all its products look gorgeous. I have the happy booster blush from the brand and I find it so pretty with all the little hearts that I never feel like dipping my brush in the product. The product has already been reviewed on the blog, you can find the link HERE.

5 Most Beautifully packaged brands

5. Two Faced

Another brand that has some beautifully packed products is Two Faced. The brand is especially famous for its chocolate bar eyeshadow palettes and chocolate Soleil bronzer which smells like chocolates. The eyeshadow palettes, blushes, bronzers, brushes, you name it and they have it nicely packed for you.

5 Most Beautifully packaged brands Special Mention:

I am not sure about the origin of this brand, but Paul & Joe too, have some cutely packed products. Have a look at some of the products from the brand below.

5 Most Beautifully packaged brands

27 thoughts on “5 Most Beautifully packaged brands”

  1. Same here…
    package has 80% influence when I buy beauty products in general.
    The other day I bought this Mariah Carey lipstick JUST for the package! Lol..

    And I’m crazy about YSL packaging.. I think they’re gorgeous! <3


    Mani Piñeiro
    Snap: @manipineiro

  2. As embalagens são muito importantes na apresentação das maquiagens.
    Quanto mais interessantes mais valoriza o produto, são realmente lindas essa que você postou.
    Que meiga essas com a Alice, como não amar tanto encantamento?
    Parabéns pela seleção, suas escolhas estão maravilhosas!!!

  3. I’m the same way! I’m such a sucker for pretty packaging! I really liked the MAC Alluring Aquatic too! I haven’t been too crazy about their newer collections though. Their newer collections just aren’t as exciting as some of their older collections.

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