The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream Review

With winters comes chapped lips and dry skin. I have a habit of washing my hands multiple times in a day which means I absolutely must carry a moisturizing hand cream in my bag during winters. So every time my hand cream gets over I tend to experiment with a new one. This winters I bought The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream Green Tea. And I have to say after the body shop one, this is my second favorite.

The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream

Product Details:

A daily hand cream that can be conveniently used according to your mood, this sensational hand cream is all you need to keep those heads turning! Enriched with the goodness of Green tea, this formula is born with a gorgeous whiff of perfume that leaves your hands super attractive. Here’s a beauty goodie you will absolutely adore ladies. It’s a sure winner to fantastic hands!

  • Enriched with rich essentials to help achieve smooth and healthy hands.
  • This product is dermatologically tested.
  • Created to give you a gorgeous Korean beauty experience.

The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream

Price: INR 300 for 30 ml (BUY HERE)


The Face Shop hand cream (05 Green Tea) comes in a minty green matte plastic tube with an octagonal screw cap. The screw lid secures a hole at the opening to dispense the product as you squeeze the tube. The packaging is very simple yet elegant. It is very sturdy and fits into my handbag perfectly.

The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream

My Experience with The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream:

I use hand cream a lot more than normal people who apply hand creams probably twice-once in the morning and once at night. But I literally apply hand cream every time I wash my hands, especially in winters as my hand tends to dry out really fast. I love this Face Shop Hand Cream because it contains hyaluronic acid which helps to retain the moisture in the skin and gives youthful hands.

Texture: The Green Tea Hand Cream is almost transparent in color with a green tint to it. The texture is light and smooth with a gel-like consistency. The cream gives a perfect finish without leaving any sticky residue.

The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream

Fragrance: It has a strong fragrance of green tea. As I massage it into my hands, the smell is overpowering for about 2 minutes but doesn’t last very long.

Effectiveness: So I tend to apply hand creams a lot and by a lot I mean I apply it almost every time I wash my hands. However, the rule less is more is so true with this product. I use a pea size amount every time and my hands remain well moisturized throughout the day.

The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream
Pros of The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream:
  • Cute packaging
  • Travel-friendly
  • Lightweight gel texture
  • Non-sticky
  • Lovely fragrance
  • Moisturizes hands
  • Pocket-friendlyCons of The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream:
  • May not work on extremely dry hands
  • Wish the fragrance stayed for a longer time

Rating: 4.5/5

I would recommend this product. However, only purchase if you like the smell of green tea or else you may not like it even though the fragrance is only overpowering for about 2-3 minutes. You can try other fragrances from The Face Shop.


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