Yellow and White Zebra Nails

Hello Beautiful Girls,

Today I will again be sharing with you all a nail Art Tutorial from the Simple nail arts that I posted posted few days back. I would call today’s nail art as yellow and white zebra nails…Enjoy the tutorial….

Items required:

  • A bright yellow colored nail color (Here I have taken a color from the brand sinful colors)
  • Any white colored polish
  • A black polish with a thin brush
  • A silver colored polish with a thin brush

nail art 5 (1)

nail art 5 (2)

Step 1: Start by painting your nails with the yellow colored polishnail art 5 (3)

Step 2: Once the yellow color is completely dry, draw a thick angular white line on each of the nails (as shown). The same can be done with oral hands or any type of stencil can also be used.

nail art 5 (4)

nail art 5 (5)

Step 3: Let the white color dry completely and then make little lines on the white section with black colored polish.

nail art 5 (12)

After completing this the nails would look like this.

nail art 5 (6)

nail art 5 (7)

Step 4: Next, take the silver polish and line the white section from both the sides. nail art 5 (10)

And the nail Art is done 🙂

nail art 5 (9)

nail art 5 (8)

nail art 5 (11)

Hope you all liked it 🙂

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