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Hey, friends!

It’s been more than 2 years since I started this blog for sharing my love and experiences for makeup. I went through many ups and downs in these 2 years but I always came back for my passion. Now I want some friends who are as much in love with makeup as I am. Yes, crazyaboutcolors is Hiring! I would love to have ladies who want to write and share their views about products. No previous experience required, just write what you feel. Come Work for us!

Work for us!

Rules to be followed before writing for crazyaboutcolors:

  1. Word Limit: The article must contain minimum 500 words (which would not include product description copied from the product website).
  2. The article must include 3-4 high-quality pictures, showing every detail about the product. If pictures are not found appropriate your article would not be accepted. Avoid using your phone for the pictures. No editing must be required.
  3. The pictures must be sent separately from the article. We would be spacing the pictures according to the requirement.
  4. The article must be original and not a copy of any other previously written article (each article and its pictures will be checked for duplicity before publishing).
  5. I am fine if you are writing for a competitor blog too, but that has to be mentioned before writing for crazyaboutcolors. Also, a product that has been reviewed by you on any other blog will not be accepted in crazyaboutcolors.
  6. No slangs/SMS language allowed. The article must be written in proper English with no grammatical mistakes.
  7. Review of Soaps, hand wash, local brands found in the street market, fairness creams or fake products would not be accepted.
  8. The article must be divided into several paragraphs which might include sections like colour, texture, pigmentation, pros & cons of the product, your opinion about the product and rating.
  9. You must be 18 years and above having your own account (payment would be transferred into your account only)
Payment Details:

We would be paying Rs 250 for each article.

You can send in as many articles as you wish, but make sure that none of them is already published on the blog, else it won’t be accepted. Payments would be made at the end of each month. For that, you would have to submit the links of your articles published on the blog at the end of each month along with your account details.

Article topics:
  1. Makeup product review (with proper eye and lip swatches)
  2. Nail paint reviews also accepted, but nail paints would be accepted only in a bunch of 3 colours with nail swatches of each colour. Review of high-end nail polish brands can be sent individually.

You can also share haul posts with us but you won’t be paid for the same.

If you have some special topic that you would like to write about, then before drafting the article, just drop us a mail.

If you have read the terms and want to write for us, then just drop a mail at


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