Men like natural look

What Men Prefer Between Makeup and Natural Looks While Dating

Women spend hours doing their makeup on a daily basis. It is even more detailed when they are going out on a date. But do men like it this way? It is true that makeup enhances beauty? For instance, the foundation hides scars and acne on the face when applied well. Mascara and eyeliner can hide your emotions and the man will hardly notice this. There are many other functions that are served by makeup, particularly when they are used appropriately.

But the big question here is whether men prefer makeup or natural looks when they are dating.

Men like natural look
What Most Men Think About Makeup

According to various social research involving men in different careers and social statuses, the majority of them prefer to see the natural faces of their partner more often. As confirmed by Adrian Grenier, seeing a woman in her natural state lets you appreciate the beauty that she carries. He further said that beauty that exudes from inside is better at any time. If women do not have this first, then even makeup will not amplify her beauty.

More men agreed that overdoing makeup makes a woman look artificial, which is not good for dating. The worst thing is using the wrong makeup for your skin. That is why women should be very cautious when choosing their makeup. It is good to include a makeup artist if needed.

Most men who are looking for women to date via online dating platforms like the Happymatches website are careful to pick women who are mostly natural or those who use makeup sparingly. This way, they will get to interact with their beauty at its best.

Why Men Might Hate Makeup

Some men think that a lot of women look more dramatic when they show up for a date in heavy makeup. They get too much attention and are likely to be overconfident, which does not go over well with most men, especially when going on the first date. A man would feel better if their date showed up with minimalistic makeup like well-trimmed eyebrows, light foundation, and a lipstick or lip balm that matches her attire and accessories. Anything more than that is an exaggeration.

When Do Men Prefer Makeup?

Generally speaking, makeup is good for the enhancement of beauty. Things start to go south when too much of it is used on a single occasion. Staying in fashion and style is good, and no one can rule out makeup from this. After all, almost every other woman is wearing it today. Men do not want their woman to feel left behind and they have no option other than to cope. That is why the majority of men say that a little of it is good.

Furthermore, a man would prefer appropriate makeup if his woman wanted to camouflage a scar or any other skin defect. This is not for the man, but to increase her self-esteem when in public. Any man will agree with her on this.


Most men around the world are not into the idea of doing heavy makeup. So, as a woman, it is important to use it sparingly and only when it is necessary. When you can avoid it and still think that you look amazing, just pass on it.

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