Useful Tips for Buying Suitable Jewellery for Men

Today’s fashion conscious man is a far cry from his macho, roughhouse ancestor of only a few decades ago, when denim and leather were the only things men wore, and with a multi-billion pound male cosmetic industry growing exponentially, skincare and jewelry are now in vogue. If you want to buy your man something special in the jewelry department, here are a few useful tips to ensure the gift is well received.

1. Sterling Silver & Platinum:

Precious metals float in and out of fashion, and sterling silver jewellery with modern and classic designs is definitely the look for 2018, Band rings, studded earrings and chunky bracelets have all been evident on the catwalks. Silver necklaces of the right proportion make a man look distinguished, but of course, each man has his own definitive style, so take that into account and you’ll be fine with either sterling silver or platinum. There are online jewellers that stock a wide range of stylish and elegant men’s jewellery items that are very affordable, and an online search will get you started, and if you don’t see anything that meets your requirements, keep looking, and the list of online jewellers is indeed extensive.

2. Diamonds Are Also Man’s Best Friend:

The sparkling stones that all women love to wear also look good on him, and with single stone inserts in sterling silver rings and diamond stud earrings, your man will look like a real Hollywood A-Lister. If you would like to browse some stunning examples of men’s jewellery, a Google search is the best place to begin your quest, and with an online jeweller, you can expect lower than retail prices, which is a big help. If your man isn’t so comfortable wearing jewellery, there is an ultimate guide to wearing men’s jewellery, which will certainly give him a little more self-confidence.

3. Do Some Research: 

The recipient will likely be someone close to you, if not your partner, and whenever you meet up, take note of his attire, and more importantly, the accessories he prefers. Some men are not quite ready for earrings, and for the corporate executive, diamond cufflinks or an elegant tiepin will always be well received. If he’s the casual type, a nice sterling silver chunky bracelet would be ideal, and there would be an extensive catalogue with an established online jeweller, where you can browse at your leisure. The other advantage to buying online is you can easily compare prices, by searching a few sites simultaneously. Sometimes, prices vary depending on where you are as well, so you may want to use a VPN to compare prices from different IP addresses (which is how they track your location).  You can find out what is VPN is here.

4. Watches:

Despite the arrival of the smartphone, the traditional watch is still an essential cosmetic accessory, and with a range of stylish sports models, the outdoor man will always be punctual. The trend this year is for sleek stainless steel bracelets and there are even timber watches, which are an amazing feat of engineering and perfectly suited for the rugged outdoor type.

The 21st century man has impeccable taste and with sterling silver and diamonds, you really can’t put a foot wrong when it comes to finding that perfect jewellery item. Whether a birthday or anniversary, surprise him with a unique jewellery item that he can add to his growing collection.

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