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Remember the days during 90s when children used to carry huge sized backpacks to their schools? Those were the days when children used to hate their not so cool looking bags as they seemed pretty boring in style as well in design. But now with the change in time, those boring bags have changed too, backpacks are now not only for school going children but you can see many men and women flaunting them too. These days backpacks are available in numerous color options and are in trend with the style. You can find them everywhere from local markets, to mall and even in the online market. One such amazing place to buy backpacks is a site called


The site has a huge variety of backpacks for both men and women and their collection of backpacks for girls is amazing. The site offers backpacks in so many different material options that it can get difficult to decide what to choose and what to leave. If you know what exactly you want you can use the search bar present on the top of the site and search for the exact style you require. But before buying a suitable backpack one must know what exactly is a backpack? This may sound a little weird and you may think “Huh! Everyone knows what is a backpack, what is a need to say this”, but every word has a definition and is derived from somewhere and like all the other words, backpack too has a special meaning. A backpack is a simple cloth sack which is carried on one’s back with two straps that go over the shoulder. In earlier times, only hikers and children used to carry backpacks but now they have become a trend.


Why to buy a backpack?

There can be several advantages of a backpack over a normal handbag, like a backpack divides the weight of the things carried  equally on the two shoulders, which is not the case with a handbag. A handbag is usually carried over a single shoulder which sometimes can be a bit painful. Yes backpacks can be carried on a single shoulder too, but unlike handbags they at least have an option of being carried over both the shoulders. As the backpacks are carried over the shoulders, they tend to leave your hands free which is not always the case with a handbag. Plus a backpack can be used for everything that a handbag is used for. Just like handbags, backpacks too come in a various size, color and design options and this variety improves even more when we search for backpacks for girls


How much do they cost?

A backpack can cost anywhere between $10 to $200 depending upon the design and the material selected. Designer and branded backpacks can be much more pricey.

For decently priced backpack options, do check out the site:


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