Tips For Container Gardening

Tips For Container Gardening

Container gardening is ideal for people who have little space for in-ground gardening. It is the most practical you can get to farming if you stay in a flat or an apartment. The balcony, backyard or a corner of the driveway is all the space you need to get going. The other advantage of container gardening is that you can make it as colorful and beautiful as you wish. Container gardening is fun once you get the hang of it. You could also call in experts from Floral & Hardy to help you beautify the little space that you have based on your preference. Here are tips to adopt if you wish to succeed in container gardening.

Tips For Container Gardening

1. Pay attention to the drainage

Your plants will definitely need water. This doesn’t mean all plants thrive in a swampy environment. Ensure your containers have proper drainage to let out water so it doesn’t swamp in the container. It can rot the roots and kill the plant. If the drainage is not sufficient, just carve out bigger holes on the container yourself. The Laundry Basket can make a good vessel for container gardening.

2. The plants will need sunlight

Place your container in a place where the plants will get enough exposure to sunlight. Plants need the light for photosynthesis to take place and nourish. Otherwise, you will end up with dead plants or frail produce.

Tips For Container Gardening

3. Give the plants the necessary nutrients

Plants in container gardening mostly have no access to the natural nutrients found in the soil. It means you’ll have to manually feed the plants. With guidance from a qualified plants professional, purchase the right fertilizers and add to the soil in the container. After a while, you can switch to liquid fertilizers such as fish emulsions or seaweed blend.

4. Know what you need beforehand

Before heading to the nursery for a purchase, have an idea of what plants you are going to get. Just like you would do when going shopping for household items. It will save you from impulse buying. You should however not approach it with the rigidity of household shopping. Be open to new ideas and suggestions from the nursery handler. If possible, snap a picture of your garden and show it to the handler for recommendations.

5. Get only plants that go well together

If you are going to use a single container for two different plants, make sure they are plants that are good neighbors and can get along well. Otherwise, it will be the rule of the jungle where only the strong survive- and only can at any given time. Seek advice on which plants can be good neighbors before you waste your hard-earned money.

Tips For Container Gardening

6. Plant tags are useful

The tag that came with the plant has useful information pertaining to the plant. What it requires, how to care for it, what you should expect and after how long are all listed on the tag. Don’t be in the habit of throwing this useful piece of information away. Even after you’ve read it through, you will still need it at a later date.

7. You will lose some plants

After all your hard work, the only thing you’d wish for is to see all of them come to fruition. This will not always be the case. Some will die along the way. It doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. Let some plants dying not turn you into a quitter. Constantly check on your garden and see what plants need to be done away with so as not to waste resources on what you’ll end up losing. Some just need a little tweaking to get back to life.

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