Tarte Cosmetics Haul and Site Review

Tarte Cosmetics Haul and Site Review: Buy in India!

Tarte Cosmetics Haul and Site Review:

Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian clay 12-hour blushes have always been on my wishlist since I started using makeup and watching youtube videos but I didn’t know where to buy them from. They were not available in stores in India and years back I didn’t even know about Instagram. I always got attracted towards their palettes especially their blush palettes. Last year, I saw an Instagram seller selling one of Tarte’s limited edition blush palette and without thinking much I ordered the palette.

Thankfully this time the seller wasn’t a fraud and I received my product on time as promised by the seller. I loved the palette and I was super excited to use the blushes. After few months I ordered another palette, but this time an eyeshadow palette from another seller and this time too I received the product on time. I wasn’t sure about the authenticity of the products but I was excited to get my hands on them.

But this time, when Tarte came out with their holiday collection, I thought of giving the tartecosmetics.com a try. I knew that I could have import duties on my order but I really wanted to try the website. This time too I had my eyes on their blush palettes and many more products but as I was ordering for the first time from the website, I decided to go with 2 of the products that were attracting me the most.

Tarte Cosmetics Haul and Site Review

Delivery time, Shipping charges and Custom Duties:

I made my order on 25th September and I got a ‘Product Dispatched’ mail on the very next day. Though the product got delivered in around 15 days, it was still faster than I expected.

As I ordered for around 7k, there were no shipping charges for my order. Tartecosmetics.com offers free International shipping above $80 USD, so I qualified for free shipping.

Thankfully there were no custom duties imposed on my order.


Currently, Tarte is running no special offer, but they do have loads of new Holiday limited edition products.

Products ordered:

I really wanted to order both limited-edition blush bazaar palette and big blush book volume III but as both of them were blush palettes it was stupid to order both of them. I finally settled ordering the blush bazaar palette as it was more affordable and travel-friendly too.

Tarte Cosmetics Haul and Site Review

The second product the I order was one of the most loved eyeshadow palettes from Tarte, tartelette™ in bloom clay palette. Again there were many more I wanted to try but I settled on the one that seemed the best.


The products came nicely packed in a cardboard box. Each product was separately wrapped in bubble wraps for extra security. Thankfully none of my products broke and I received my package in good condition.

First Impression:

I love both the products I ordered. Some people are not happy with the blush palette as the colors in person are different to the colors shown in the pictures but I genuinely love the colors. I am actually happy with the fact that now I have 10 Tarte long wearing blushes in a small travel-friendly packaging. The blushes have the same Amazonian clay long-lasting formula and they are incredibly soft and pigmented.

The tartelette in bloom palette has become my all time favorite eyeshadow palette. I have been using this palette every time I go out, since the day I got it. it is a great pigmentation everyday use palette which can help you achieve day to night eye look in no time. It has all the neutral colors you might ever need.

Let’s have a look at the products I ordered!

Tarte Cosmetics Haul and Site Review
limited-edition blush bazaar palette
Tarte Cosmetics Haul and Site Review
limited-edition blush bazaar palette
Tarte Cosmetics Haul and Site Review
tartelette™ in bloom clay palette
Tarte Cosmetics Haul and Site Review
tartelette™ in bloom clay palette

Tarte cosmetics have some great products available for the Holiday season, one of which is their ‘Tartelette Vault’. It is a collector’s set of three best-selling 12-pan eyeshadow palettes, inspired by Tarte’s creative & passionate fans. The vault retails for INR 7800 for 3 palettes, whereas the price of one single palette is INR 3500, which saves more than 2500 bucks.

Tartelette Vault

So, if you are a Tarte cosmetics fan like me, do check out their official website and do not fear to order from an International website!


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13 thoughts on “Tarte Cosmetics Haul and Site Review: Buy in India!”

  1. I have ordered from Tarte on 16th October and have received a confirmation mail that my order is shipped. But unfortunately I am not able to end to end track my order.
    Did it happen to you also? Please help as I am really worried if I will receive my parcel or no?

    1. Hey…yes it did happen…international packages do have sometimes issue with the tracking thing especially when the package gets stuck with the Indian custom department..dont worry you would get your package soon…just keep checking the tracking number for any updates

  2. Hey hi, I just ordered a kit from tarte. Do u have to pay for customs here in India or was it just the amount on website.

    1. Hi Deepika…I have ordered twice from tarte’s website and I have paid for customs only once….Sometimes they ask for customs and sometimes they don’t…You be prepared to pay for customs and if it’s your good day you might not have to pay!

  3. Hey. I ordered from tarte and I didn’t know about the customs! There are two shape tape concealers and the amount is deducted from my card too! I am scared wether my order would come or not!? It’s been 15 days!

    1. Hi,

      Your order would certainly get delivered but it might take time. Firstly it is an International package which takes a long time secondly packages usually get stuck at Indian Customs which makes them even longer to het delivered. There is usually no flaw from the website’s end

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