Spotting Fake Sunglasses – Ray Ban, Oakley & Gucci

Fake sunglasses can now be found not only in holiday resorts around the world, but are also available online through a number of websites and of course eBay. For someone paying designer prices, beyond the upset of finding your glasses are not the genuine item, poor quality parts and build quality often make these glasses a shadow of the genuine item. The truth about fakes however can be far more serious than a dent in your wallet, poor quality lenses far from giving your eyes the protection they need from the suns damaging rays, can actually increase the level of damage from UV light. For parents buying glasses for children this danger is more important due to the sensitivity of children eyes as they develop.

At the Optics Shop we have years of experience working with some of the finest sunglasses brands and have used our experience to put together this infographic guide In order to help people to avoid being conned by these fakes. The graphic looks at Ray Ban, Oakley and Gucci glasses and gives you a number of key points to help you authenticate your glasses.

Fake Sunglasses Infographic
Fake Sunglasses Infographic by The Optic Shop.

9 thoughts on “Spotting Fake Sunglasses – Ray Ban, Oakley & Gucci”

  1. Whenever purchasing sunglasses I try to make sure they have a good UV number on them for protection… Ray Bans are really great sunglasses as well xox

  2. I do this with Ray Ban all the time, even though I but it from a genuine retailer. And I don’t buy them online at all.


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  3. Think it is better to buy the sunglasses from the optic stores instead of online… please write one blog on how to identify fake money from real money currency too that will be useful too.

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