Ombre Nails

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today I will be sharing with you all another simple nail art design and the one I have for you all is simple ombre Nails.

Items Required:

  • Any two colors of your choice (I selected a blue and a purple color)
  • A sponge
  • A top coat for finishing the look

ombre nails  (1)

Step 1:

Start by taking a sponge and coloring the same in the desired two colors.ombre nails  (3)

ombre nails  (4)

ombre nails  (5)

Step 2: Take the colored sponge and dab it over the desired nail (as shown)

ombre nails  (2)

ombre nails  (6)

The nails would look something like this

ombre nails  (7)

Step 3: Repeat the step again before the polish dries (to make the colors opaque)

ombre nails  (8)

Step 4: Take a cue tip and soak the same into a nail polish remover. This will help to clean the mess developed to make the design.

ombre nails  (9)

Step 5: Top the nails with a Top Coat

Final Result:

ombre nails  (10)

ombre nails  (12)

ombre nails  (13)

ombre nails  (11)


  • To avoid color getting onto your fingers, before starting the nail art, apply a layer of cello tape or any other kind of tape around the nails.
  • I wanted to get a textures look and hence I used a sponge shown in the picture, but if you want a smoother look, the same design can be created with the help of any simple makeup sponge.


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