MN Super Matte Lipliner

MN Super Matte Lipliner From Flipkart: Review

Today I will be sharing my experience with MN Super Matte Lipliner set of 12 that I bought from Flipkart, as shown in my last Flipkart Haul. Apart from the 51 eyeshadow palette, this is the only product which seems of decent quality. The packaging, the way these lip liners look, the pigmentation, everything looks good. Continue reading to know more about these lip liners.

MN Super Matte Lipliner

This set of 12 lip liners retails for INR 135 with a delivery charge of Rs 45 which makes it a total of 180 bucks for 12 liners.

List of Ingredients:

Unlike many other affordable products, the packaging of this set of lip liners has proper list of ingredients as well as a stamp for date of manufacturing and expiry.


The set comes in a regular looking cardboard box, but a lot of detailing is given on the box. The box contains the swatches of all the 12 pencils as well as the list of ingredients and the manufacturer’s details. The actual lip liners are all colored pencils with the same colored cap. The cap has a glossy finish while the actual pencil is matte. Each lip pencil has 1.5 gm of product. The colors do not have names, but the respective number of pencils is mentioned towards the bottom of the pencil itself. The caps of the pencils closes securely making them easy to travel with.

MN Super Matte Lipliner
My Experience with MN Super Matte Lipliner:

This set of lip liners is Made in China and as per my experience with other made in China cosmetics products, I didn’t have much expectations from this product. Before buying this lip liner set, I was aware about this brand and I am glad that at least the manufacturers of this brand and not trying to sell their products using the name of some other brand.

The set is a value for money. Though these lip liners do not have the best staying power, they do work well as lip liners. They help in preventing the lipsticks from bleeding and they also help in making the lipsticks stay a little longer. This set of 12 lip liners have a variety of everyday wear shades including a couple of reds, various shades of pink and a couple of n*des.

Overall thoughts:

I am happy about the way these lip liners look on my vanity. They are so colorful and so easy to choose. The pigmentation is good and they do work well as lip liners. A couple of colors didn’t look so good on me, but as they are lip liners, I can always color them up with a different colored lipstick to make them look good.

MN Super Matte Lipliner
Pros of MN Super Matte Lipliner:
  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Good Pigmentation
  • Easy to sharpen
  • The set has a variety of Reds, Pinks as well as n*de color options.
  • Do not dry lips
  • Travel-Friendly
MN Super Matte Lipliner
Cons of MN Super Matte Lipliner:

These Lip Liner pencils do not have an amazing staying power, they do work well but can stay put for just a couple of hours. This is the only con I can think about.

Do I recommend this product:

For 180 Rs yes, I do recommend this product. As I said earlier, this is not the best product you will find in the market, but at this price range, it is certainly amazing.

MN Super Matte Lipliner

Rating: 3.5/5

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