Men and Jewelry!

There was a time when wearing jewelry was limited to women and men used to wear minimal to no jewelry at all. Few of them wore chains while others had a small ring. But times have changed and men are now more interested in experimenting with their looks, be it with clothing or jewelry. And as the men’s jewelry market is flourishing, jewelry brands are making more and more options for men to choose from.

Buying jewelry is not limited to the offline market these days. There are a lot of options available in the online market as well. One such brand for jewelry especially men’s jewelry is Helloice. I have talked about this brand a few times in my previous articles too and the main reason for that is because the brand offers a ton of jewelry options to choose from in every price range.

You might say that wearing simple jewelry is what an average man does and experimenting with jewelry is still limited to a section of men. This might be true up to a certain extent but there are so many options of jewelry available even in the simplest designs that a simple man can still have a lot of variety to choose from. But if we talk about the latest trends of jewelry and who actually wears them, then there are mainly 3 types of categories of men and the type of jewelry they prefer certainly differ from each other.

Let’s talk about who prefers to wear what, and what can you experiment with and still be in the safe zone!

Simplicity Lovers

The men who like to be in the safe zone and experiment with only rings and bracelets fall into this category. But if you are someone who love to have simple jewellry and still want to experiment with something new, then cuban link chain are an amazing option for you. These chains, again as per the choice can range from a simple gold chain to fancy multicolored chain. If you are a diamond lover, then there are a lot of options in the market for you as well.

Class Apart

Some men like to reflect their social status in the form of jewelery and these are the men that have a very fine taste as far as jewelery is concerned. be it the ring they are wearing, or the cufflinks that they select to go with a certain outfit, everything is exquisite and unique. Men in this category even like to wear the finest of watches as a piece of jewellery which they can rotate according to their outfits.

Fun Lovers

Now, if you do not fall into the above mentioned 2 categories and love to wear funky/fun jewellery then you would definitely love hip hop jewelry. These jewelry pieces are bling bling kind of pieces which are meant to be flaunted as a status symbol. The hip hop chains and pendant can be bought in different shapes and sizes and can be made of silver, gold or platinum.

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