Maybelline’s Electro Pop Baby Lips

Hey Girls!!!

Today I will be sharing with you girls one of my latest purchases, something that I showed in my Nykaa haul. It is the new launch from Maybelline! It’s their new electro pop baby lips. These new baby lips are launched in 4 different variants in India:

  1. Fierce N Tangy
  2. Pink Shock
  3. Berry Bomb
  4. Oh! Orange


Product Quantity and Price: 3.5 gm for Rs 165


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Product Description:

  • No more Basic Lip Balm
  • 8 Hrs Hydration with a Neon Kick
  • Electric color pigments in our exclusive lip renew formula
  • Electric color pigments give your lips a sheer jolt of neon color
  • Protects and moisturizes for a full 8 hours
  • In 6 New Tinted Shades
  • Visibly renewed lips in 1 week*
    • 88% Had Smoother Lips*
    • 82% Had Less Dry Lips*
    • 70% Had More Supple Lips*
    • 83% Had Better-Looking Lips*


My take on the product:

Packaging: This is the most interesting part of these lip balms, their packaging! These lip balms comes in a cylindrical plastic packaging with a transparent lid. The product name is mentioned on the lid in bright bold letters. The color of the letters is same as the actually color of the baby lips. The overall packaging makes them look really cute and adorable.


Color and Pigmentation: All the 4 variants are different colored, and so they impart different colors on the lips.

Fierce N Tangy: this is a yellow colored product which comes out to be completely colorless or sheer on the lips. When swatched on the hands a little bit of yellow can be seen, but it imparts no color to the lips.

DSC_0766Pink Shock: This is the most pigmented color out of all the 4 shades. This colors looks like a bright bold neon pink in the packaging but it imparts a very natural looks soft pink to the lips. This is my most loved shade out of all the 4 shades.

DSC_0773Berry Bomb is a bright purple looking variant which gives a little purple shine to the lips. Being a lip balm it does not impart loads of color, but gives only a nice purple shine to the lips.

DSC_0771Oh! Orange! This one is pretty pigmented too. Though personally I didn’t like the way it looked on me but for the ladies who loves orange colored lips this is a good option. It does not make the lips super orange but gives them a light peachy orange tint.


Fragrance: I personally am not fond of fragranced lip products, I don’t like fragranced products on my lips but this is different. All the 4 variants have a different fragrance to them which is kind of tangy and sweet and it remind me of candies that I used to have in my childhood. This makes me feel like eating them all and the bright colors exacerbates my feeling even more.

Texture and Staying Power: Being lip balms they are really soft and smooth to apply and they perform their work very well. They moisturize the lips for long hours making them soft. Thought I do not completely agree with the 8 hr moisturizing claim by the company but yes they do work for long hours.

Overall I am highly impressed with these new baby lips. Be it their packaging, their fragrance, the way they feel on the lips, their quality, their price or the moisturization they provide, this new product is simply amazing:-)




Do I recommend this?

Yes!!!! It’s something that everyone must try πŸ™‚

Rating: πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚




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16 thoughts on “Maybelline’s Electro Pop Baby Lips”

    1. its not too pigmented and may be not as moisturizing as the other ones…but do try pink shock, i personally liked it more than the older baby lips πŸ™‚ and for me their cute packaging and the fragrance makes the electric pop range a little special πŸ™‚

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