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Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist: Review and Swatches

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today I have the third lipstick from my collection of makeup revolution lipsticks and the shade I have is Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist. I have already reviewed two shades from my collection called ‘The One’ and ‘Divine’ and both of these had a different formulation. This particular color too has a different formulation; it at least comes out to be different on the lips but thankfully in a good way. Let’s find out how Twist worked for me.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist

Price:  Makeup revolution amazing lipsticks are differently priced ranging from Rs 295 to Rs 450 and twist costs Rs 295 (BUY HERE)

Ingredients: No ingredient list

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist

Product Description:

Don a striking and stunning look with this ‘Twist Amazing’ lipstick from the house of Makeup Revolution London. This lipstick ensures a long-lasting luster and color. This lipstick will lend you soft, smooth and supple lips.


Twist, like all the other makeup revolution amazing lipsticks, comes in an all-black packaging with a color coding at the top of the lid. The color-coded lid resembles the exact shade of the lipstick and thus helps to recognize the lipstick color without actually opening the lid. This comes really handy when you have a ton of lipsticks to choose from and you have to find a perfect shade. The packaging seems nice but it is a bit flimsy, I personally won’t call it very travel-friendly, but yes it can be taken for short trips or parties where you need touch-ups.

My take on Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist:

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist

Twist is a very bright kind of a shade. When I opened the color for the first time, It almost seemed to me to be a bright red color with orange undertones, but when I swatched it and saw it on my lips, I realized that it is actually more of an orange color with red undertones. The color has a sheen of its own which makes the color party appropriate. It does have minute sized shimmer particles which are really difficult to be seen with eyes, I realized about them only when I saw my swatch pictures, otherwise, the shimmer particles just help to give that sheen to the color.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist

The color is nicely pigmented and single swatch can be enough to impart an opaque color, but if you want to have an intense color, then I would suggest applying a second coat.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist

The lipstick is super creamy and so is very easily transferable. It gets transferred to anything and everything that touches the lips. This makes the color not so long-lasting. The color can stay up to 3-4 hours, without losing its intensity only when you don’t eat or drink anything, but in case of snacks and drinking, the color loses its intensity. Thankfully the color has staining properties, so it does not lips completely bare even when the lipstick is completely gone. The stain created by the color goes only when removed with a makeup remover. Like all other shades, twist has a fruity fragrance which is thankfully not very strong and vanishes once the color is applied onto the lips.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist

My Overall thoughts:

Overall, I liked the shade and I am sure that this would be my go-to shade this festive season.


Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist

Pros of Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist:
  • Affordable
  • Color-coded lid makes it easy to recognize the color
  • Perfect color for parties and special occasions
  • Shimmers are so minute that they cannot be seen without a flash, and they give a nice sheen to the color
  • Nice fruity fragrance
  • Great pigmentation
  • Smooth to apply and does not look streaky even after the first layer
  • Stains lips
Cons of Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Twist:
  • Flimsy packaging
  • Transferable
  • Not so amazing staying power
Would I buy this product again? Do I recommend this?

I do have 9 of these lipsticks so I might not buy this one again, but yes I do recommend this color as this is a good color to have for the festive season that too in a very affordable range.

Rating: 4/5


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