Makeup revolution lipstick flashing

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Flashing: Review and Swatches

Makeup revolution lipstick flashingSince I have started collecting makeup, I have tested many different lipstick formulations and I am always keen to try different lipsticks from the same line just to check the consistency of the formula. Today I’ll be reviewing the final lipstick from my collection of makeup revolution amazing lipstick collection. The shades I have already reviewed are:

‘Crime’, ‘Beloved’, ‘Depraved’, ‘Treat’, ‘Twist’, ‘The One’,  ‘Divine’ and ‘Dazzle’

The shade that I’ll be talking about today is called Flashing.

Makeup revolution lipstick flashing

Price: INR 295 (BUY HERE)

Ingredients: Nothing about the ingredients is mentioned.

Product Description:

Don a striking and stunning look with this ‘Flashing Amazing’ lipstick from the house of Makeup Revolution London. This lipstick ensures a long-lasting lustre and colour. This lipstick will lend you soft, smooth and supple lips.

Makeup revolution lipstick flashing

My take on Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Flashing:

Packaging: Flashing and all the other makeup revolution lipsticks come in a round bullet packaging with a coloured top. The top section of the lid is coloured in the same shade as that of the lipstick which makes it easier to recognise the shade from the bunch of black lipsticks. I like when lipsticks have coloured sections, this not only helps in easy identification but also look very pretty on the vanity. I wish that the lid would have been sturdier, it does look fine but is not very safe to travel with. The lid tends to open with a minute jerk.

Colour: Flashing is a beautiful baby pink coloured lipstick which does not contain any shimmer particles. The shades look beautiful in the tube, but the colour does not suit my skin tone. It does look good when swatched on the hands, but when applied on the lips the shade is not flattering. I love the colour and I am really trying hard to make it work for me. A dark coloured lip liner underneath does help, but then it alters the actual colour completely. When seen online, the shade looks completely different than what it actually is. When seen on Nykaa, I assumed the shade to be a little darker and brighter.

Makeup revolution lipstick flashing

Texture: Flashing is extremely smooth in texture, it is so smooth that if used in extensive heat, it might melt. Its creamy texture makes it easy to apply and very comfortable to wear. But the colour tends to be patchy if not applied on pre scrubbed lips. The shade, as well as the formula, tend to get settled in fine lines and also look patchy.

Staying Power: Being a creamy lipstick, flashing transfers to everything lips touch, which reduces its staying power. The colour is so light that it does not stain lips and is completely gone even after a small meal.


Makeup revolution lipstick flashing

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Flashing

Would I buy this product again?

No. I do like some of the other colours from this range, but Flashing is not the one for me.

Do I recommend this?

Only if you have a fair skin tone or love to wear such light shades.

Rating: 2.5/5

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