MAC Lipstick in the shade Girl About Town Review and Swatches

Hey Girls,

A few days back I did a post showing all my MAC lipsticks. Today I will be writing about one of those lipsticks. The color I have today is called Girl About Town and it is one of the most famous pinks from MAC.


Product quantity: 3g

Price: Β INR 1450 (MAC have raise their prices, the time I bought this lipstick it was priced at Rs 990, then they raised it to Rs 1250 and now MAC lipsticks costs Rs 1450).



Like the traditional MAC lipstick packaging, this too comes in a black tube with a dome-shaped lid. The packaging is completely opaque and the color name is written on a label pasted on the base of the lipstick. The packaging of the lipstick is cute and sturdy but the only problem is that they have to be recognized by name and for that, the lipsticks have to be stored inverted. This actually becomes a little more difficult due to the dome-shaped lid.

My take on MAC Lipstick in the shade Girl About Town:


Color: Girl about town is a bright pink colored lipstick which does not contain shimmers. When the lipstick bullet is observed very carefully it might seem to have some shimmers, but when applied to the lips, no shimmers can be seen. Girl about town is a bold color that helps to make me look fairer. Its blue undertones also help to make my teeth look whiter.


Pigmentation: The color is superbly pigmented; a single swipe of the color imparts the actual, fully opaque color to the lips.

Texture: This lipstick has an amplified cream formula which helps it to glide on the lips easily without making them dry. As it has a creamy texture, the lipstick is transferable; it gets transferred on to cups. The formula is completely non-sticky and does not feel heavy on the lips.


Staying Power: Like the majority of the MAC lipsticks this too does stain for a good amount of time. As the lipstick is transferable it might seem to fade during a meal, but the color can easily withstand a full meal. The color easily stays for more than 5 hours with some fading. Even after 5 hours or when the lipstick is removed with a remover, it does seem to be on the lips. The lipstick stains the lips in a beautiful pink color, which seems pretty natural. Some girls might not like lipsticks that stain their lips, but I don’t mind that.


Fragrance: All the MAC lipsticks have a nice vanilla fragrance to them and I love that fragrance. For the girls who do not like to have fragrance in their lipsticks need not worry as the fragrance fades away when the lipstick is actually applied to the lips.


Pros ofΒ MAC Lipstick in the shade Girl About Town:
  • Sturdy Packaging
  • Bright Fuchsia Pink colored Lipstick which is completely wearable
  • No shimmers but it does have a nice sheen to it
  • Makes me look fairer and my teeth whiter
  • Superb Pigmentation
  • Nice creamy formula
  • Non-sticky
  • Does not feel heavy
  • Long staying power
  • Can withstand a meal with some fading
  • Stains lips to give them a nice pink color
  • I love the vanilla fragrance
Cons of MAC Lipstick in the shade Girl About Town:
  • Difficult to recognize the desired color from a bunch of lipsticks due to all black packaging
  • Difficult to store the lipsticks upside down due to their dome-shaped lids,
  • Pricy (especially now when MAC has raised their price so much)
  • It might sometimes get a little difficult to remove the color as it might settle into the fine lines
  • Transferable


photovisi-download (11)

Would I buy this product again?

Yes! I loved this color and once I will finish it I will surely repurchase it.

Do I recommend this?

Yes! If you are looking for a wearable bright pink then it has to be Girl About Town!


4.5/5 (-1/2 for the transferable thing. I love the color so much that I can ignore all the other cons)

40 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick in the shade Girl About Town Review and Swatches”

  1. Lol! I am looking for B-day ideas to give to my family. My birthday is this month and they all asked me about my wish list. This pink lipstick will be the perfect one put on the list! Thank you so much for your view! Thank you so much for visiting my blog as well! πŸ™‚


    1. yey…I knew that this is famous and thats why I bought this πŸ™‚ and now I know why people love this so much πŸ™‚

  2. Such a beautiful color on you!! I love to stock up on MAC when I am in India as they are double priced here in Japan..but guess won’t be able to do it since they raised their prices:((

    1. heheheh…it happens, the color we wear more becomes our comfort zone and anything and everything else seems difficult…but i am sure that you will look gorgeous in this color πŸ™‚

    1. true !! its expensive and transferable too, but for something pink and so pretty we girls can ignore these points πŸ˜‰ isn’t it πŸ™‚

    1. seriously..they have hiked the price so much πŸ™
      i have so many colors in my wish list but with this much price i might skip to some other brand

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