L’Oreal Paris Liner Magique

L’Oreal Paris Liner Magique Review

Hello ladies! L’Oreal has launched a budget-friendly liquid liner a few months back and as I was very happy using the L’Oreal gel inteza liner I grabbed this too. So does this new liquid liner from L’Oreal meet my expectations? Carry on reading my thoughts about L’Oreal Paris Liner Magique to know more.

L’Oreal Paris Liner Magique

Product Description:

Discover liner magique, our latest felt tip liquid liner for intensely defined eyes.

Price: 475 INR for 3g (BUY HERE)

L’Oreal Paris Liner Magique

My experience with L’Oreal Paris Liner Magique:

L’Oreal Paris liner magique comes in a glossy black plastic container and the cap is tight enough to make it spill proof. The glossy pink and black combination makes it look stunning. This tube further comes in an outer paper packaging. All the details are written on the back of it.

Now coming to the pigmentation, yes, it gives intense black color after single stroke. But wait. Don’t judge it by its intense color. This takes some time to get completely dried and then sets into a glossy finish! Now, this is the thing I don’t like at all. I also have oily lids and they become horrible in the summertime. This is not suitable for oily lids.

L’Oreal Paris Liner Magique

The applicator tip is of good quality and helps to draw precise lines. But it is also not long staying. It starts to fade away after 2-2.30 hours. But this liner is easily washable hence not waterproof. So be very careful after wearing it. It starts to even fall off from the lids after some time. So I am not at all impressed by this.

L’Oreal Paris Liner Magique
Pros of L’Oreal Paris Liner Magique:
  • Affordable
  • Travel-friendly and attractive packaging
  • Intense black color
  • Doesn’t have weird smell
  • Applicator tip is well built
Cons of L’Oreal Paris Liner Magique:
  • Sets into a glossy finish
  • Not suitable for oily lids
  • Starts to fade after 2 hours
  • No long lasting

Rating: 2.5/5

Overall Thoughts:

In the final note I can say that though I initially impressed with its black bold color but after applying it for a few times I can’t really praise for it now. So if you want a glossy liner you can go for it. Otherwise invest your money wisely.

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