LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Electric

LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Electric, Review

I love bright colored eyes and this includes not only bright eyeshadows, but also bright eyeliners. I have previously reviewed and swatched the full collection of Maybelline eyeliners which included some fun bright colors and I recently also swatched the full collection of LA Girl Neon Eyeliners. Today’s review would be about ‘ LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Electric’, the bright blue shade from LA Girl’s Shockwave Neon Eyeliners collection.

 LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Electric

The Shockwave Neon collection from LA Girls includes 10 liners, 6 of which are eyeliners and the remaining 4 are lip liners. I haven’t tried the lipliners yet, but I do have all the 6 shades from the eyeliner collection. Let’s see how the shade Electric worked for me.

Price: INR 595 for 1.2 gm of product (BUY HERE)

Product Description:

Vivid, neon liners formulated in a creamy, water-resistant gel. The L.A.Girl Shockwave Neon Super soft, full coverage eyeliner lasts up to 16 hours. Available in 6 bright eye colors. These liners are ready to rock!

Features :

  • Neon eyeliner featuring a creamy water-resistant gel.
  • Packed with a super soft and high pigment formula.
  • Long wearing, stays put for up to 16 hours.
  • Ophthalmologist tested.
  • Paraben free.

List of ingredients is mentioned on the plastic wrap surrounding the pencil. But once you remove the plastic wrap in order to use the product, the list of ingredients is also gone. Unfortunately, the list of ingredients is not mentioned on the official LA Girl website. All it says is that the product is ‘ophthalmologist tested & paraben free’.


Like every other eyeliner pencil in the market, these Neon Eyeliners also come in a pencil form with a transparent lid. It is a non-retractable pencil which needs to be sharpened after every 3-4 use. As the actual liner is in a neon shade, the pencil is also neon colored, representing the actual color of the product. The lid is sturdy and safe to travel with. A new pencil comes packed with a plastic wrap which contains information about the product. This plastic wrap needs to be removed in order to use the pencil.

LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Electric
My Experience with LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Electric:

As the name says, LA Girl Neon Eyeliners are supposed to be neon colored eyeliners which are different from other bright color eyeliners available in the market (at least this is what I assumed). The first shade that I tried from the collection is Electric and the reason for me trying this one was simply that it is blue. I do have a number of blue pencil eyeliners from other brands and I do like some of them, but none is bright enough for mine liking. The shade Electric is a super bright, neon I should say colored blue which looks as bright on the eyes as it looks in the pencil or on the hand swatch.

The pencil is very pigmented and just a couple of swipes are required to get the desired color. I have used this both on my upper lash line and on my waterline and I love the color on both the places. But, as I bought this mainly to use it on my waterline, I am glad that it works well there as well without irritating my eyes. I have sensitive eyes and unless something is pigmented enough it does not work for me. Whenever I try to apply something on my waterline I always have watery eyes and this liner did not let that happen.

The texture of the product is very smooth and it is very easy to apply. The staying power of the color is also amazing. It can last easily up to 5-6 hours without touchups in the waterline, even during summer months. It does not smudge or bleed due to high temperature.

LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Electric
Overall Verdict:

Overall I love the way this blue looks in my waterline. Usually, most of the colored eyeliners work well on the lid, but there are very few that work for me in the water line. This is because I like to have a super pigmented product for my waterline so that I don’t have to swipe the pencil multiple times. This particular color is super pigmented and does not irritate my eyes. I do recommend trying at least one of the colors from this collection. The price is a little on the higher side, but if you get a chance to try this on a discounted price, grab it.

LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Electric
Pros of LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Electric:
  • High pigmentation
  • Stays good for long 7-8 hours without losing its intensity
  • Beautiful shade to give a pop of color to any makeup look
  • This particular shade of blue is very different from many other blue eyeliners available in the market
  • Paraben free
Cons of LA Girl Neon Eyeliner Electric:
  • Not so easily available (apart from a couple of websites, these Neon Eyeliners are not so easy to find)
  • Pricey as compared to some other similar products available in the market
  • Non retractable (some of the product gets wasted while sharpening)

Rating: 4/5

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