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Jordana Eye liner Pencil Tropical Sea and Emerald: Quick Review

I personally am not a very big fan of eye liner pencils, especially the cheap ones, but whenever I get a chance to try something from a decent brand I do like to try it. Today I’ll be sharing about my experience with Jordana Eye liner Pencil in the shades ‘Tropical Sea’ and ‘Emerald’

Price: 1,16 € which is almost around INR 90 for 1.39 gm of product (BUY HERE)

Product Description:
  • Non- Skipping, Creates Precise, Fine Outline
  • Compact Size Fits in Purse or Makeup Bag
  • Soft & Gentle Application
  • Stays Silky-Smooth in All Weather
My experience with Jordana Eye liner Pencil:

Packaging: It is a cheap/affordable eye liner pencil, hence don’t expect much from the packaging too. It is just like a regular wooden pencil with a golden colored lid. The pencil is not so soft, thus not much product is wasted while sharpening.


The shade Emerald, as the name suggests is a green colored eye liner pencil. It is not very smooth and a lot of effort needs to be made in order to use it on the water line. The color does look good but in the smudged form on the upper lid. The shade has a pathetic staying power and it is super patchy too. The color has been discontinued from Jordana’s liner range, instead, two new greens ‘Mojito’ and ‘Wasabi’ are the new options in the shade green.

Jordana Eye liner Pencil

Tropical Sea:

The shade Tropical sea is different in consistency as compared to Emerald. It is much easier to use in the water line, but it is not as pigmented as I usually prefer. The texture and the look also differ in the case of this color. ‘Tropical sea’ seems to have shimmer particles but no particle can be seen on the eye lids. The color instead seems to have a pearly finish on the eyes. The staying power of this color to is bad, but it is not as patchy as Emerald.

Jordana Eye liner Pencil

My overall thoughts:

Overall, I would say that yes these eye liners are affordable, but I personally don’t think that they are worth even the 90 bucks. Plus they are not easily available in India.

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