Hair extensions: A way to make your hair look fuller

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Today I will be talking about an amazing site for hair extensions which is called cchairextensions. Few days back I told you all about a competition that was to be held during the teej festival and how I was searching for a green colored hair extension. Though I took the green hair extension from a local site, I constantly kept searching for sites that sell hair extensions. In India, Hair extension is not a very common concept and all we get on sites is thin strips of hair. But this is not so in other countries. In other countries girls use hair extension on regular basis to look good or to make their hair look longer on occasions.


The most common types of hair extensions used by women all over the world are called clip in hair extensions. Cchairextensions provide a huge range of clip in hair extensions which range from 15 inch to 28 inches, with weight from 70g to 160g. Clip in hair extensions are the easiest to wear and take off. All these hair extensions available on the site are made of top quality 100% Indian remy hair.



Another type of hair extension which is common among black women is called hair weave. The hair weave hair extensions available on the site are also made of 100% Indian Remy hair which ensures high quality. cchairextensions has more than 10 different colors of hair weave to choose from. I have used a clip in hair extension, but I haven’t ever used a hair weave. I am not sure how to use it but one thing is sure, that it is not as easy as clip in hair extensions. If you’re ready to reap the benefits of argan oil hair mask, there are a few ways to do it, make sure to visit


1cchairextensions does have some more types of hair extensions like Micro loop, bonded hair, tape hair and closure. All these variety of hair extensions have different color options and sizes to choose from depending on the requirement. This is not all; the site also does have some cool hair accessories like clips and flexi rods.

Have you ever been to cchairextensions ?

11 thoughts on “Hair extensions: A way to make your hair look fuller”

  1. Oh, that’s very cool! I have long hair myself, but I have friends that like having it long (and theirs is short), so they go for extensions! It’s a great, fast and easy way to have long hair!

  2. I’ve think about getting extensions so many times because my hair is a little bit thin and I would love to have more volume, and these ones sound perfect for when I have my hair long again! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a nice day xx

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