Earn every time you shop online

Earn every time you shop online!

It has been over a month since I got to know about the website called topcashback. I heard about it in someone’s youtube video and instantly went to check it out.

So, topcashback is one of the many cashback websites available in India. I personally have not tried any other cashback website as I was always skeptical about them. I am a self-proclaimed shopaholic and I especially love to shop online. Topcashback is a website which gives shoppers like me cash back everytime we shop online.

Earn every time you shop online

The website acts as a medium between the shopper and multiple other websites you can shop from. Each website has its set cash back percentage which can be seen before actual shopping. For eg. Myntra gives a cash back up to 8%, Nykaa 18%, and Flipkart up to 9.52%

All you have to do is log on to topcashback.in, select the merchant you want to shop from and click on the option ‘ Get Cashback Now’, you will be redirected to the merchant website where you can shop as you usually do. Once your shopping is confirmed, the amount you shopped for and your cashback amount is reflected in your topcashback account under earning section.

Earn every time you shop online


Earn every time you shop online


Earn every time you shop online

Doesn’t it seem easy? Yes, it is that easy. But do you actually get paid in your account?

Yes, you do, but this is not an easy process. You don’t have to do anything at your end except waiting. The earning section is divided into 3 categories: Pending, Confirmed and Payable. You get paid only when the money is reflected in your payable section. Pending is the first section where all your earning wait for the approval from the merchant website. Once they approve your transaction (done once the return time slot is over), the amount gets reflected in the confirmed section from where it can take anything up to 15- 30 days to get reflected in the payable section.

Earn every time you shop online

Now, not all your shopping gets approved for cashback. The approval depends on the merchant website. For Example, I have been paid for shopping on Nykaa and Myntra but Amazon always declines my cashback.

Once you have money reflected in your payable section, you can request a cashout (no minimum amount required). The cashout can either be done in your bank account or even in your paytm wallet and takes around 2-3 business days.

While setting your account always remember to add your bank details too as it takes 3 business days to request a cash out after setting your payment information.

Overall I won’t say that this is the best website available in the market for cashback, but it at least pays. I have claimed around 1500 bucks in the past 3 months with my lowest cashout amount being 105 INR.

Have you tried topcashback? How was your experience? Or if you are familiar with any other cashback website which worked for you, please comment.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post

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