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Cream Blushes worth trying this Winter Season!

A few different formulas of blushes are available in the market. The suitability of the product formula depends on the skin type of an individual but considering the weather, there are specific formulas that are preferred over others. In Today’s post, I would be sharing my top 3 picks for cream blushes that are perfect for the chilly season.

Now, as we are talking about blushes, there are a few different varieties of blushes available in the market:

  • Compact Blushes: Compact blushes or pressed powder blushes are one of the most commonly available blushes in the market. They are not only easy to use but are also suitable for all skin types.
  • Cream Blushes: These blushes have a creamy texture to them and are super easy to blend. The cream blush formula is perfect for someone with dry skin or for the winter season.
  • Stick Blushes: Sometimes, cream base blushes are also available in a retractable stick form. The formula might remain the same, but as they are in the form of a stick, they are more travel friendly as compared to some of the other counterparts.
  • Cheek Tint: A comparatively new formula of blushes has hit the market, which is commonly known as a cheek tint. These are water-based products with a tint of color to them. So if you are someone, who likes to add just a tiny bit of color, then these tints are a very good option.
  • Cushion Blushes: These are again a comparatively new formula of blushes which have a similar consistency to cream blushes, except for the way they are packaged. They do have a very blendable and creamy formula, but the cushion on the top of the packaging makes them an interesting choice.

That being said, the kind of blush one selects totally depends on the individual preference. But there are certain formulas that are preferred over others as the weather changes. My personal favorite formula for the winter season is cream blushes. They not only give a beautiful rosy glow to the skin, but they also help in keeping the cheeks moisturized.

So let’s talk about the 3 cream blushes, available in the Indian market that I love the most:

Kay Beauty Creme Blush

Kay Beauty is one of my most used makeup brands. The brand makes some amazing products and their cream blushes are no different. Kay Beauty creme blushes are available in 5 different color options and are priced at INR 799/- for 10 gm of the product (BUY HERE). The blushes have a small tube packaging which is easy to travel and very convenient and hygienic to use. The formula of the blushes is very easy to blend (with both brush as well as fingers). They have a decently long staying power too. The brand Kay Beauty is a Nykaa-exclusive brand and hence can only be bought from Nykaa’s online/offline stores.

PAC Studio Cream Blusher

Again a very beautiful and affordable cream blush product available in the Indian Market is PAC Studio Cream Blusher. These blushes are available in 9 color options and retail for INR 495 for 8 gm of the product. PAC Studio Cream Blusher comes in a small tub packaging with a transparent lid. This helps to see the color without actually opening the packaging. Some of the shades can be used for contouring or as a concealer as well. These blushes are available both online and offline, on PAC’s official website or on Nykaa or Amazon.

Daughter Earth Lip And Cheek Tint

There are a lot of products that are launched by the brands which are multipurpose products. These products can be used in more than one way. One such cream product is Daughter Earth’s Lip and Cheek Tints. These are cream products that can not only be used as a blush on the cheeks but can also be used as a lip tint. The Daughter Earth Tints are available in 8 different color options with a retail price of INR 975 for 4.5 gm. Now, yes, these blushes are a little on the pricier side, but they are 100% vegan and enriched with Vitamin E which helps to save the lips from free radical damage.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a lot other brands that have cream formula blushes. But these are some of my personal favourites. What do you feel about cream blushes? I would love to know which formula of blushes is your favourite for the chilly season.

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