Colourpop Cosmetics Haul and Site Review: Buy in India !

Colourpop Cosmetics Haul: Buy in India!

Colourpop is a well-known brand in the United States and it has gained popularity in the other parts of the world too, due to its affordable price range and amazing quality. The brand has a huge range of eyeshadows and lip products to select from. But in India, it is not so affordable as compared to its prices in the United States. It is also a little difficult to get them in India. But the good news is, Colourpop does ship to India and when I ordered the delivery was free for International orders above $50. But otherwise, colourpop ships to India for a standard shipping rate of $9.99. Considering the prices of Colourpop products, $50 seems a lot but when converted to Indian Rupees it is not so high, especially if you are getting free shipping!

Delivery Time: 

Colourpop like any other International website shows a delivery time of 20-27 days, but my products got delivered within 15 days of ordering. I made an order from Colourpop on 8th March and I received my products on 20th March.

Custom charges:

No custom charges were applied on my order.

Packaging: Were my products delivered in good condition?

Absolutely. Everything I ordered was delivered to me in perfect condition. Everything came packed in individual boxes (3 out of 4 things in my order were value sets which included one of their lip trio). All the items were packed in a hard cardboard box which was pretty colourful from inside.

Colourpop Cosmetics Haul: Buy in India!

Let’s have a detailed look into what all I ordered!

1. Best of Lippie Stix collection in Staycation

The first thing that caught my eye on the website was this set containing 6 Lippie Stix. There were two such sets available the other one being Persuede Me, but the colours in that did not appeal me. I wasn’t sure about getting 6 lippie stix together, they were priced at $30 but I got it at $25 (discounted price) which if bought individually is the price of just 5 lippie stix and I was getting 6 in the set. This set also made my selection easier, as I wasn’t sure about which shades I wanted to order.

2. Lip Trio in Just Bee-Have

Like some other cosmetic brands, Colourpop has also introduced their lip sets which they have in trio versions. There are 8 different shades of lip trios available and the one I selected is called ‘Just Bee-Have’. The trio retails for $16 each but I ordered it at a discounted rate of $14


  • Bumble Ultra Matte Lip
  • Goal Digger Lippie Stix
  • Bumble Lippie Pencil

These lip trios are the best buy if you want to try all the 3 formulations of an ultra-matte liquid lipstick, lippie stix and lippie pencil. You can get these HERE

3. Hot To Trot Lippie to Go Collection

This is one of the best travel-friendly lip sets that I own. Hot to Trot contains 5 lip products which are double sided, one side is a lippie stix while the other is a matching lippie pencil. This set retails for $18 and can be bought HERE.

Shades included in the set are:

  • Cookie: matte warm brown nude/Skimpy Pencil: soft pinky nude
  • Cami: Matte X cool-toned mauve/Bound Pencil: muted mauve
  • LBB: matte rich plum wine/LBB Pencil: rich plum wine
  • Trust Me: Matte X vivid true red/Bossy Pencil: classic blue red
  • Chateau: Matte X blackened red/Dukes Pencil: dark blackberry

4. Ultra Matte Lip in Clueless:

I have tried Colourpop’s Ultra matte lips in a travel size set, but I wanted to try some more colours. They have numerous of colours to choose from. Clueless as described by Colourpop is a dusty mauve shade. It retails for $6 and can be bought HERE.

As I mentioned earlier, I did not pay any import duty or delivery charges for my order (as it was beyond the $50 limit).

I have started using these products and I am already loving all of them. Colourpop is a cruelty-free brand which makes it even better.

Other questions related to the company and their policies are answered in their FAQ section.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post

21 thoughts on “Colourpop Cosmetics Haul and Site Review: Buy in India !”

  1. So many amazing products, I never wore anything b y Colorpop! I loved the lip trios and the time of delivery, not so bad at all! And you did buy so many things, so good! Hope you have a lovely day!

  2. Hi Swati, loved your post! I ordered from Colourpop a couple of weeks back and it’s been showing the package as being in LA for the last 7 days. Were you able to track your package throughout? I hope it comes soon. It did say 15-21 business days and so far it’s been only 10 business days, but seeing it not budge has me a little antsy.

    1. Hey Anindita…..Thanks for visiting my blog….Honestly saying I didn’t bother to track my package. As the site said 15-21 days, I was waiting patiently and it came in 15 days. You’ll get your package soon…..All the best ..

  3. Hi dear
    I have ordered from colour pop on 26 July but still haven’t received the order can you give me some tips how to follow up my order

    1. Hi Jaihitha…You can simply mail your query on the email id The customer care will revert you with the tracking number of your order.
      I did the same after a week of my order and they provided me with a tracking number from where I tracked my order.
      Hope that this will help.

  4. Hi dear, if the shipping is free there are no other charges we have to pay when we receive the order? I mean no other expenses only the product cost

    1. I didnt pay any other charges..but now after gst I am not really sure about the taxes which will be applicable in India

      1. Okay thanks, also can you tel what is their dollar rupee conversion rate
        I mean i knw it keeps on changing bt is it higher than the actual conversion rate

        1. I am not too sure about that dear as I am not sure about the conversion rate at the time of my order. Moreover, the amount that was deducted from my credit card was in dollars itself.

  5. Which city did you ship these to, as I have heard, certain cities charge customs while others don’t. Thanks so much

    1. Hi dear. I paid from a credit card. Whenever I have tried a debit card on international sites it never gets accepted. Try using a credit card

    1. I am not certain about that. I have paid customs on some of my International orders which were below $50 but sometimes I am not charged anything even if the order was $75. I feel that it depends on the custom officer or may be the city of delivery

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