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We all love to get dressed and when it comes to special occasions we all try to find the best possible outfit for the occasion. On such occasion that young girls like to dress up for is Homecoming. Homecoming is one of the biggest events in high school and if not the most important, it is the second most important event after Prom. Both the events are about get together in school, but like prom is all about wearing long pretty gowns, homecoming gives girls a chance to get dresses in short knee length gowns.

Today I will be writing about one such site which has a huge variety of homecoming dresses with a variety of styles and color options to choose from. The site is called Cocomelody. Cocomelody has over 15 years of expertise and knowledge in bridal profession.

cocomelody homecoming dresses

Finding a perfect homecoming dress can sometimes become little tricky as these kind of dresses come with a huge price tag, but fortunately, cocomelody solves this problem too. They have a huge variety of cheap homecoming dresses which are not only affordable but extremely beautiful too.

The question is how to select a perfect homecoming dress? The most important thing that is to be kept in mind while selecting a homecoming dress is that it should have a perfect length and cut. As I said earlier, long gowns are more appropriate for prom, homecoming is all about short, tighter dresses. The dress must be selected keeping in mind that it must be comfortable enough not to interfere with your dance. The length of the dress must be just above the knee. You can select from a wide variety of styles like sequences, lace, frills or even strapless dresses. But while selecting a strapless dress always make sure that it fits perfectly else you might end up feeling uncomfortable. Check out Homecoming dresses from Cocomelody.

Sequences do look good, but wearing a dress which is full of sequences might not be a perfect choice. It must be remembered that homecoming is a school function and the dress must be practical and appropriate for your school. Dresses with too many runway ruffles are not the best choice for homecoming.

Finding a perfect homecoming dress that fits well, looks good and is cheap is not an easy task, so start finding your perfect homecoming dress few months prior homecoming. Cocomelody has some great variety of homecoming dresses under 100.

Check out some of my favorite dresses from Cocomelody

sequence 1

flower 1

sweetheart 1

backless 1

off shoulder 1

Some classic Black and White dresses

black 1


white 1


black 2

white 2


Another thing that is attracting me about this site is that they offer free shipping which is great if you don’t want to spend extra money as shipping charges.

cocomelody homecoming dresses




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  1. I loved these dresses, especially the white one with the sequined waist, so sweet, pure and elegant! Very good choices, I really liked!

  2. All the dresses are lovely but I love the ones with a tulle finish because they give a princess kind of illusion! Makes me wanna go back to high school. Great post dear.

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