Black and White Nail Art

Hello Everybody…..Today is 1st April which is supposed to be April Fool’s Day, but apart from that April is a special month for me. It’s my birthday month and I am too excited for April πŸ™‚ April also says that its summers now and we all need to take extra care of our skins. Go and check out my summer skin care routine on Sindura’s Blog.

Keeping that excitement aside, today I will be sharing with you all another simple nail art tutorial. The theme of today’s nail art tutorial is Black and White and as all the other tutorials this one is easy too πŸ™‚

Items Required:

  • A Black Nail Polish
  • A white Polish
  • A silver sparkly top coat
  • A bright silver nail polish, and
  • A black nail art polish

nail art 7 (2)

nail art 7 (1)

Step 1: Start by painting the nails with black and white colored polishes. the thumb and the ring finger must be painted white while all the other nails must be painted black. This will serve as the base of the nail art.

nail art 7 (3)

Step 2: Take the sparkly top coat and apply onto the black nails.

nail art 7 (4)

They would look something like this:

nail art 7 (6)

nail art 7 (5)Step 3: Now take the silver polish and make little dots of silver onto the white colored nails.

nail art 7 (7)

Step 4: Finally take the black nail art polish (the one with a thin brush) and paint thin lines around the silver dots that were made on the white nails in the previous step.

nail art 7 (11)

This is what you will get !!!!!!

nail art 7 (10)

nail art 7 (9)

nail art 7 (8)

nail art 7 (12)

Hope you like the tutorial πŸ™‚

If you happen to try this on yourself, I would love to see it on your nails πŸ™‚


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